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service spotlight- puppy visits.

So away from the dog walking one of the services I provide at Little Happy Hounds is puppy visits / puppy care/ puppy sitting.  I provide puppy visits in the areas of Chinley, where I am based, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire. Other areas maybe covered, for enquires, call 07732265149 or visit main website


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I can also be emailed directly info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk 

So like most of our services this is a very personalised service. I call in to visit a young puppy, once or twice a day, break up a long day at home alone, feed them, provide company, cuddles, playtime, and I also offer praise based training, recall, bite inhibition and lots of socialising. 

I am not a trainer at all so I strongly advice all clients with puppies to join a puppy training class, I have to say in the years I have been a dog walker it shows which puppies have not been to a class and which ones have.

A lot of dog walkers especially around here, offer puppy visits but do they do offer the training I do alongside my visit or is it just cuddles ? I am big believer in socialising little and often with young dogs,  every scenario going, walks in busy places, people, walks near busy roads, its important to get your puppy use to lots of different sights and sounds, I also do recall, toilet training,  socialising and bite inhibition, what tends to happen at Little Happy Hounds the puppies eventually go onto to one of group dog walks, which is really special for me as I have obviously built up a very strong bond with the puppy so for them to become my dog walking client is a honour and I find the ones that have been my puppies first, listen to me, have excellent recall and are very happy well rounded dogs.


My experience, is varied, I have read puppy training books, I recommend serval to my clients, I also have puppy experience through dog ownership and of course I have puppy experience running little happy hounds for the last 8 years I have cared for many puppies during this time. 


Like with all our services, I am fully insured, we are a small local business I have no employees all the care is provided by me, I am DBS checked and that certificate can be viewed at your meet and greet upon request, all the puppies you will see in this post on this dog blog are current dog walking clients that I have had the pleasure to care for from being tiny little happy puppies ! 

other services include dog walker, cat sitting and pet sitting.





Easter Kitties.

So I have been rubbish at blogging lately, I have been so busy mostly walking the dogs, that I have not had much time to post about all things Little Happy Hounds, I am currently enjoying some time off work so thought today would be a good day to write a post about what I got up to over the easter break. 

I never got around to booking anything holiday wise, it was my partners big birthday so by the time I had organised that then other little things kept popping up and getting in the way so in the end we decided just to take the time off and enjoy our local countryside and go for walks in and around Derbyshire the peak district.

We went on a five mile walk on Easter Monday from Wash up to Brown Knoll,  via Shire Oaks farm, then on Tuesday we did a Higher Disley walk I have not done in ages, over Black Rocks, through the grounds of the Moorside Grange, over Whaley Moor onto Start lane Whaley then back to Higher Disley via back the end of Lyme Park. 

I always take a week off at easter, with the dog walking its not easy managing the dogs on walks when everyone is off work, my walks are busy for three weeks over April and Easter as schools close different times so take a breather away from all the crowds is brilliant, I only really took Tuesday to Friday off as I was automatically closed for dog walking Good Friday to Easter Monday, plus I was working I was looking after cats all of last week the last one finished on Tuesday. 

So I was looking after the little happy cats, Eustace, Queenie and Roary, I could of had another one but it was to late notice wise, in general its best to book in advance, especially if its a new client or I have not seen the cat in a while, its easter weekend, I had a birthday party to arrange so three cats was quite enough thank you. 

Anyway my cat care took me to Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, and Birch Vale all three of these clients are once a day cat clients. As these are regular long term clients, I have started to just charge one extra visit to cover the easter weekend bank holiday surcharge so say one cat had five visits, three of which fell on Good Friday,  Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday easter Monday, I have added a visit, so charged for 6 visits, again this is because they are regular clients, new clients would be charged double time for easter.


So prices changed in 2019 so far clients have been fine about that, one daily visit is £8.00 and two daily visits is £13.00 for up to three cats, bank holidays will incur a extra charge.  Little Happy Cats offers a very reliable a very caring alternative to the cattery, caring for your cats at home.  I am fully insured, CRB checked, a trusted key holder and I have been caring for the cats in and around the High Peak since 2012. dog walker, puppy visits, pet sitting. 

Aaron, 07732265149, or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk

Other services include little happy hounds, dog walking and puppy care. Follow our adventures on Facebook. For our pet care services we cover Chinley, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley Bridge. 







Little Happy Cats pet sitting.

September seems to have gone by very quickly. It been a good month for Little Happy Hounds, we had some amazing weather so been on some great walks, hiking up Lantern Pike Birch Vale, the snake path in Hayfield, lots of walks near home in Whaley Bridge, like Taxal.  Beyond the dog walking we have been so busy with the cats! 

So we offer a very caring very personalised experienced, cat sitting or pet sitting services. It does very well I have lots of returning clients. I have regular cat sitting clients in New Mills, Birch Vale, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley and Furness Vale these are the areas we cover in the High Peak. 

So we are currently caring for Polly , twice daily house cat, and we almost at the end of a two week duration for Marmaduke, Rosie, Dusty and Scrappy, all same household. Last week we also looked after three very handsome boys clients of mine since 2016, Walter Whirley Hector, lovely cats very easy to care for.

Find us on Facebook, to follow our kitty cat adventures, customer reviews, pictures. 










Joey and the August cats !

So as ever we have been caring for pet sitting some of the most beautiful cats in the High Peak. I have looked Rosie, a Siberian forest cat for two weeks, Eustace, lovely siamese, Esmee and Luna, Marnie, Walter Whirely Hector, Noah and Till and their guinea pig Kevin, Watson and Tilly, and our newbies, Joey, Scamp and Poppy, Browsie and Millie. I love pet sitting and dog walking and offer lots of care for peoples pets, I decided to keep the business small to offer the most personalised care. First pictures are of Joey, loved him, looked after him last week all week, he is the cutest very tactile, loved to be cuddled, he is just 6 months old. 


Most our new enquiries and cats are in Whaley Bridge, for cat sitting and dog walking Little Happy Hounds covers, Whaley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, Furness Vale, New Mills, High Peak. Below are just some of the pics I take of the cats when I am caring for them, find us on our Facebook pages, for more pics and reviews, we have two Facebook pages Little Happy Hounds, and Little Happy Cats.



Cat Yoga Scamp and Poppy.



July and August 2018

Its been a busy time not wrote a post for a few weeks. Just have two more weeks left at work before my holiday, I am off to Scotland for the last part of August we have never been that far up to Scotland its a almost 7 hour drive, looks amazing, lots of hills, and lochs, I am looking forward to a week of hiking with my dog and my other half.

I have been crazy busy for cat sitting, I can’t even write down the amount of cats I have looked after, lots of returning clients, lots of longer cat sitting gigs, and lots of new cat sitting clients, we have had three new cat clients in Whaley Bridge. If we find us on Facebook you can follow our petsitting and indeed dog walking adventures. 

The long durations I have done have been for Eustace lovely siamese client, I looked after him once a day for 17 days ! So 17 cat visits. Luna and Esmee, a long two week gig then we had a week break and I am now looking after them this weekend. And Rosie, two durations with juts few days off in-between, think I have been looking after Rosie for over two weeks, last Rosie visit is tomorrow. I love the cat side of the busiensss, I want a cat but I got a terrier dog first so I will have wait for sometime before that fantasy is realised. 

Dog walking wise, I am much busier than last summer holidays, as last year Mario left, he is now a regular three walks a week client, and we also have newbies, Ozzie, Ralph and Maisie keeping me busy even though my term time dog clients, Monty, Millie, Arthur and Pippa are all off for the six weeks holiday. I have had some really nice dog walks last few weeks, we have been to Fernilee Reservoir several times, walks around Taxal and Wash near Chapel-en-le-Frith, even though its busier this time of year I have been up Lantern Pike a few times with smaller walking groups of threes and fours. All in all I am having a lovely summer holidays, the business is now six years old, and still going from strength to strength now looking forward to my holiday and then we get back I am expecting September to be a very busy month.  I also love autumn so I am looking forward to all the dog walks I can do around here in the High Peak, with the New Mills dogs we tend to go Hayfield, Birch Vale Lantern Pike, with Chinley and chapel clients, we go Combs Reservoir, Eccles Pike, Whaley Bridge dogs we have we go Goyt Valley, Fernilee, Errwood, Taxal, Toddbrook.




Little Happy Hounds, dog walker & pet care services. So its been a great week weathers got much Colder,we have had some wonderful walks and been looking after several cats. We offer dog walking puppy visits and cat sitting services. For reviews visit our main website http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk we also have reviews on our Facebook pages, screen shot below, and we have reviews on free business index, yell, the Good Dog Guide, and our google listings.  We have a clients in Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Chinley, New Mills  Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Birch Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire. We are fully insured, offer years of reliable, caring experience. 



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dog walking services.

We offer, caring, experienced, dog walking services. Offering years of experience, from a established pet care service business. We began life back in 2012, in New Mills, we cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chinley,  Buxton, High Peak. We are fully insured, we walk in small groups, off lead, when its safe to do so, we offer dog nature walks, offering varied, terrain and interesting places for your dog to roam, sniff,  

call us on 07732265149 or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk

dog walker, puppy visits, pet sitting, cat sitting services.


Also find us on Facebook, twitter and instagram.

Little Happy Cats

One of our services we offer at http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk is pet sitting, or cat feeding. When i am not out walking the dogs, I am often feeding the cats. This service is available at the cats home, so the cat does not need the added stress of being taken away from their familiar environment, to a cattery say. 



Minuit one of our regular kitties

This is very much a personalised service, we have looked after lots of different cats, shy cats, very friendly cats, young cats, elderly cats, long haired that has required brushing, indoor cats, outdoor cats, we have also looked after cats that have needed medical treatment, i am insured to do so, but importantly I have a lot of experience looking after cats.  Little Happy Cats, is full insured, CRB checked, we offer years of experience from etablished small local business, find out testimonies page on our main website or on our review sections on Facebook pages. 

Little Happy Hounds and Cats, dog walker, cat sitting, pet care services. Established in 2012, we offer a caring, personalised, experienced service. We don’t have employees or use branded vans, we offer a discreet, personalised service. Covering Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, High Peak.

For prices, services, contact details, find us on Facebook or visit our main website




So last week got to look after Mia, it was the second time, I had looked after her the first time was just one visit in August, this was a full week of cat sitting visits. She is 19 years old, and deaf, very sweet  and very cute, anyway had a brilliant week looking after her, and her owners left me a very nice customer review yesterday on our Facebook page which was a lovely surprise, i always appreciate and i am always touched to get customer feed back like this.



Little Happy Cats and Little Happy Hounds Whaley Bridge High Peak. Fully insured cat feeding services, we offer personalised, experienced care, from a established pet care business. We charge £7.00 for one visit and £11.00 for two visits in one day, we do not charge any extra for weekends. Find us on social media, Facebook, instagram, twitter,

Little Happy Cats Whaley Bridge http://www.littehappyhounds.co.uk

We cover Whaley Bridge, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Chinley, New Mills, Furness Vale, Cat sitting, pet sitting, dog walking, dog walker, cat feeding, pet care services. email us info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk, or call Aaron 07732265149.


So for the last two weeks we have been cat sitting new cat client Angel. Today was her last visit this duration, we will hopefully see her again soon, and what a little sweet heart she is. Fully of love very tactile cat, i had her on my knee yesterday and she kept pushing her head under my arm. Very cute. She got one visit a day, no litter tray, so it was a easy gig for myself, the only work i did really was all the cuddles, strokes and TLC i give her! We offer a experienced, caring, personalised pet sitting service. Whatever your looking for, cats played with, brushed, shy cats, old cats, litter trays maintained. Fully insured, CRB checked, trusted key holder, we are a established business that began life in New Mills back in 2012. Any questions feel free to email me, info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call 07732265149, Aaron. 


Little Happy Cats Whaley Bridge High Peak. Please visit our main website

http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk for more info. We cover Whaley Bridge, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, New Mills, Furness Vale, Cat sitting, pet sitting, dog walking, cat feeding, pet care services.