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July at LHH 2020

Its been a weird last few months, works been steady at times works been dead at times, with corona virus it means a lot of clients are down to reduced walks, so a dog I would see three or four times a week is now once a week, plus we lost a lot of cat sitting bookings, but its not all bad and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 



We where fortunate enough to take on a new client a few weeks back very sweet little dog Zelda she is a mix breed, a basset hound crossed with a toy poodle, she is very sweet cute but so well behaved !! A pleasure to walk I’m very lucky indeed. We are now seeing new dog cockapoo Wilf once a week regularly he joined us just before the world went mad in March with corona virus. We have new cat sittings book new client for August and regular clients Ole and Tin tin for October,


In this post are some of my favourite photos from last week and we have gotten two new recommendations on our Facebook page ! We are definitely able and very keen to take on new dog walking clients in our local area, once a week, twice a week, three times a week, we cover Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, High Peak Derbyshire , As a dog walker at Little Happy Hounds our emphasis on dog nature walks around the our beautiful local area of the Peak District, walking in small well organised groups. Fully insured pet care serves. 

we also now can start taking new cat sitting bookings I know when I am around and available for the rest of 2020. find us on Facebook or on our main website http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk




Little Happy Hounds, dog walker & pet care services. So its been a great week weathers got much Colder,we have had some wonderful walks and been looking after several cats. We offer dog walking puppy visits and cat sitting services. For reviews visit our main website http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk we also have reviews on our Facebook pages, screen shot below, and we have reviews on free business index, yell, the Good Dog Guide, and our google listings.  We have a clients in Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Chinley, New Mills  Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Birch Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire. We are fully insured, offer years of reliable, caring experience. 



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new poster

Half term kitties

so we have been very busy at Little Happy Hounds with our little happy cats, as well as dog walking we offer a cat sitting or cat feeding services. I was looking after beautiful black cat Minuit last weekend till this Monday, then on Monday we started looking after the very handsome Eustace, a siamese, then today our new cats started, a household of four cats, Arthur, Tinkerbell, Coco, and Sheba. They are so cute they all came down stairs too see me when I arrived,, even shy cat Sheba,

Little Happy Hounds, pet care services, http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk

dog walking services, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Birch Vale, New Mills, Chinley, Furness Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire, pet sitting services, cat sitting, dog walker. Years of caring experience, our emphasis is on dog nature walks, walking off the beaten track, we also provide a very personalised and very caring cat feeding services. Fully insured, trusted key holder, find us on Facebook for status updates and reviews. 


busy last few days.

Cant believe its only Tuesday, i am knackered possibly because i have the sniffles. Anyway its been a great couple of days weather wise, not much rain, gone slightly milder. I have enjoyed walks with my happy hounds, we have been up Eccles Pike  Chapel-en-le-Frith several times, up Lantern pike near New Mills, and we did a Toddbrook Reservoir Whaley Bridge walk. As ever, we make sure our dogs have a proper walk, off leads, when its safe to do so making the most of our beautiful surroundings. So Monday we did three one hour walks, tomorrow is three one hours and some pet sitting starts tomorrow pm until Monday am.

Tomorrow got a new cat sitting gig for Rosie, Dusty, Marmduke and Scrappy ! Its the second time I have looked after Dusty and Rosie, last time the brothers went into the cattery which stressed them out, so this time i am looking after all four of them ! Busy Aaron, and as i am trying to get fitter and loose weight, i am planning to cycle to tomorrows last walk and cycle on to do the cats , we will see, its a grand plan, after i would have already done two other one hour walks. Pictures are from the last two days ! 

happy walks happy hounds.


For more information, find us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk visit our main website for galleries, customer reviews http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk

Little Happy Hounds dog walking and pet sitting services , est.2012.

New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith,

dog walker, cat feeding, cat sitting pet care services High Peak.

End of February

Almost at the end of February, march being my favourite month, beginning of Spring, my birthday, my dogs birthday, this March I have family visiting and a short holiday to the lakes just before the easter break whats not to love! February has been a good month, cat sitting Eustace, Fagin, Casper, Chuck and little too, and dog walking my usual clients, too many to list, they range from casual dog clients, part time dogs, term time only dogs and full timers, dogs i see from Monday to Friday are the cockapoo sisters Bobbie and Bridie, cavapoo Oscar, Cavalier Jabba, and collie Ffin. I have been on some interesting walks this last month, we took on new fabulous casual dog Blaise during the school half term and due to her location we had some really nice Lyme Park walks, its rained a lot on one when we went via East Lodge to Lantern Wood. Other walks have been up Eccles Pike, other walks have been a nice walk I do in Hayfield, via a clients drive as she lives in some amazing countryside that walk won’t last as the pesky sheep will be back soon, 


Hayfield Hounds 

Little Happy Hounds. dog walker and pet sitting serviced Est in 2012. Fully insured, CRB checked, and trusted key holder.

‘Professional, Established, Caring Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.



Whaley Bridge New Mills, Chinley, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Birch Vale. High Peak

Whaley Bridge

Having relocated to Whaley Bridge High Peak (last year)  we now offer our local services. Established, caring 1-2-1 personalised pet sitting and dog walker services.

Our cat sitting service ‘Little Happy Cats’, cares for your cat at their home, providing fresh food, water, emptying litter trays, watering plants, turning lights on or off, one or two visits a day.


Dog walking, picking your dog up and going on local walks, Toddbrook Reservoir, Taxal Edge, Fernilee Reservoir are just some of our favourite dog friendly places. We walk dogs off leads, in small well organised groups of up to four dogs.

Recent picture from friday

Recent picture from friday

As well as being fully insured, we are CRB checked, key holders, and highly experienced in pet care. We also offer facebook status updates on our business page, free initial consultation, and when we can we do not include travel time as part of the one hour walk.

please visit our testimony page at the following link http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk/testimonials/

We also cover Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxton, Hayfield, Furness Vale, New Mills, Chinley, Birch Vale and more High Peak.