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LHH June onwards

so corona virus has rendered work quiet for me, I did a extra long walk today for cockapoo sisters Bobbie and Bridie, Norfolk terrier Ozzie and cocker spaniel Monty, it was Montys first day back since lockdown so he was last walked in March ! I mean it could be a lot worse, work is ticking along albeit quietly, tomorrow is the busiest day so for now its feet up and writing posts on my blog especially as its raining ! 


So I initially took four weeks off and reopened putting in strict social distancing measures with my clients, cleaning the van down regularly changing towels and harnesses as much as possible, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better any time soon, apparently death rates of corona are falling, looks like social distancing is here to stay and schools are now staying shut till September so I cant really hang about waiting for normality to come back as its way off, so with little happy hounds being such a small business I will continue to carry on, its business as usual with all our new things in place, so we are in the position to take on new clients, you could find me via our main website http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or on facebook business page, best way to get old of. me is via email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call 07732265149.

All the photos on this post are from walks done at the end of May early June, we had a week of really hot weather so I was doing water walks for the dogs in the woods lots of shade, with corona all my cat sitting bookings are cancelled, we will have to see what the future brings regarding that, I am still providing dog walks, I did have a cockapoo puppy I was visiting, when he eventually comes back he will be a fully fledged dog !! 


Little Happy hounds, run by just me Aaron, I began the business when we lived in New Mills, we moved to Whaley Bridge, spent half a decade there and then last summer 2019 we opted for a new start quieter life in the near by village of Chinley, its all my dreams come true firstly living in a village not a town and our new house is a very old house and it. happens to in the Peak District National Park Boundary !I still very much cover Whaley Bridge and have lots of clients there we do lots of lovely walks near by! 

I am very lucky and fortunate enough to have lots of lovely long term clients, in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Buxworth, and Whaley Bridge, High Peak. I am DBS checked, a trusted key holder, fully insured, I drive a van with no company details at all offering a more discrete service for when your pet is home alone ! 




So I don’t have any family in this area and my circle of friends is small, so when someone posts for recommendation for a dog walker on a local Facebook group, my aunts, uncles, friends, wont all jump on the post and recommend me singing my praises,  as they all live up in the North East so I don’t get an easy ride when it comes too gaining new enquiries. So what I have done from day one is made sure actual customer reviews clients recommendations are everywhere, this includes testimony page on the main website , our Facebook business page, and our online listings on Yell, Google places and Free Business index ! For example on our google listing for Little Happy Hounds we now have 9 reviews ! 

 I did have 60 reviews on Facebook, 50 plus on the Little Happy Hounds page and we had 10 lovely reviews on the Little Happy Cats page, I took the little happy cats page down too concentrate on one page which annoyingly meant I lost the review I had !! So I am hoping was we move into 2020 I will gain some new Facebook ones on the little happy hounds page make up for the fabulous ones I lost !



Little Happy Hounds, began life in 2012 in New Mills, offering dog walking, cat sitting and puppy visits in the High Peak. We cover Chinley, were I live, Buxworth, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith and other places in and around High Peak Derbyshire. As a dog walker, I am very caring, experienced, and reliable, with cat sitting I offer a very bespoke personalised service, over the years I have looked after older cats, shy cats, friendly cats, cats who need medication cats who need to be brushed we caterer them all following clients specific instructions.

with puppy visits, I offer basic reward based training, reliability, experience and lots of love and care. Little Happy Hounds is a small local pet care business, no employees at all offering a more caring approach in the work I personally do. 

Aaron , 07732265149 or I can be emailed info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk


Screenshot 2018-10-24_22-05-09-989


happy hounds High Peak dog walking

As a pawfressional dog walker I am very thankful and very lucky of all the wonderful dogs I walk. They are 95% of the time well behaved and excellent on walks, we have fun on every walk I make sure everyone is exercised, stimulated mentally that they have lost of company from me and the other dogs.  I return all my clients home very happy hounds. 

we avoid busy places so they are running around off leads, if we see joggers or people I call them in they sit and wait for a treat the dogs, the dogs who I think might not wait for a treat, I grab the dangly bit on their Little Happy Hounds harnesses so they cant run up too people we don’t know. I try very hard too keep al my dogs under control they are all socialised and very well behaved friendly doggies. 


As a dog walker I walk in small groups, all my dogs have great recall and are good off the lead, I don’t walk a mixture of dogs on lead and dogs off as I like my hands free at all times too control the dogs off leads.  I take the dogs off the beaten track, try very hard too avoid people and live stock, sheep I have zero tolerance approach as in I wont walk the dogs anywhere near them. my walks include Goyt Valley in the Peak District. I have regular dog walking clients in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth and Whaley Bridge which are all areas I cover for dog walking, puppy visits and cat sitting.


Little happy Hounds we are based I the village of Chinley in Derbyshire the Peak District; began in New Mills in 2012, in 2014 we moved to Whaley Bridge, this year 2019 we have moved to Chinley. We are a trusted key holder a small local pet care business with no employees offering a very caring experienced reliable service. 


beautiful Ralph

so this year I was very lucky to take on several new clients, with their now being a lot of competition with lots of pet care businesses.  I had a few gaps for dog walking clients, so firstly Pippa the westie puppy joined us, then Monty, lovely ginger hair cocker spaniel, then a beautiful puppy called Ozzie a norfolk terrier . So I was full up but then I got offered another puppy visit client and I really couldn’t say no, especially after meeting him the very cute Ralph, he is Lhasa apso , and just the cutest, really feisty character, love spending time with him. Anyway his owners left me a review/recommendation on the Little Happy Hounds Facebook other day I screen shot it below, it was a lovely review, as very touched. 

Screenshot 2018-10-18_16-20-26

Ralph is funny he and Ozzie as they are similar ages have become really close, from rough playing to just standing near each other its beyond cute to see their bond. As a dog walker its always a privilege and a blessing to be with a dog from such a young age, you get very attached, but also form a brilliant bond with them. We are a small pet care company based in Whaley Bridge, little happy hounds began life in 2012 when we were living in New Mills, we cover the High Peak, Whaley, New Mills, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Furness Vale, Birch Vale, we have dog walking and cat sitting clients in all those areas. find us on Facebook, visit our main website 



Ralph far right


cat sitting services New Mills.

If your away on business for work, or on a family holiday, here at Little Happy Hounds we offer a kinder alternative to the cattery for your cat, Little Happy Cats. 

‘Leaving your cat in the place they feel most relaxed, their sanctuary, their home.’

We can feed your cat while you’re away, clean out their litter tray, provide fresh water, provide a stroke, a cuddle, or perhaps a brush down or anything you specifically require for your cats wellbeing.

At Little Happy Hounds we pride ourselves on being able to provide a experienced, reliable, personalised and friendly service.

New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Birch Vale, Furness Vale, Buxworth, Chinley, High Peak Derbyshire, 

We can bring your milk in, collect your post off the floor, if you need a plant or two watered, we do not mind, with no extra charge at all.

Free initial consultation, where we can find out what you specifically need for your cat,  and then you can relax knowing your cat will be lovingly taken care of  in their own home. We have many returning cat clients, we have some cat clients who have been on our books now since 2013 when the business really took off, we love caring for cats and we are always happy to here from new cat clients. 

Aaron 07732265149 or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk


find us on facebook




the weekend edition 1

So I think every weekend ,with this being a blog all about Little Happy Hounds, I will recap the prior week, the dog friendly walks we have been on and any news about Little Happy Hounds ! So its not been the usual week, as a lot of my dog walking clients were off for half term, so I have managed to get away with one walk most days, however the pets sitting side of the business Little Happy Cats has been busy, today alone Saturday I have done five cat sitting visits for 12 cats. As a small business with just little old me running the show thats busy. 

The stand out walk this week was Monday as I had some of my family with me for the weekend, including my dog obsessed six year old nephew George, he had already been on a few of my walks in the summer when he visited with my mam and sister, so he had his firm favourites, this time around he mention Amy, the German shepherd I walk he liked her and he also mentioned Oscar and Oscar was on this walk, sadly he had forgotten about Fritz, had show him photographic evidence of him with Fritz, another one of his favourites,, he was also convinced Fritz was called Bradly this time around.  Anyway so we collected the dogs it was three clients and my dog and we went too the logging road Fernilee, Goyt Valley. Four dogs, two young kids, one teenager and my brother partner. It was great walk dogs ran around a lot, did not. get many good pics as I was focusing on toddlers and dogs and keeping them safe. But the pic below is great, my brother partner took it, so thats my step niece Abbie, my young toddler nephew Noah my dog mad nephew George, myself and the dogs, Max, Scrappy, Oscar and Fritz peeping out from behind the log. I have always recommend Fernilee as a dog friendly walk, just be cautious on the logging road as last few times I have been up their I have seen very reactive dogs on leads.


Other news is I have rediscovered youtube having ignored it for work for ages, so I have started loading videos, too show what work we do with the pet sitting and the dog walks we go on, as a dog walker I am forever trying too offer the most transparent service I can. Clip below is a extra long walk I did in Hayfield on Friday!

Little Happy Hounds, Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Birch Vale, High Peak Derbyshire the Peak District.


little happy cats

October has so far been busy for Little Happy Cats our cat sitting side of our pet care business. We have so far looked Minuit, Rosie, Orlando Beatrice and Rosie, w have new durations starting up soon for Rosie Marmaduke Dusty and Scrappy and Baz Agatha and Leonard. For cat sitting we offer a very caring very personalised service, offering years of experience from a established pet care business. 


find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/littlehappyhounds/


for cat sitting services we cover New Mills Chinley Whaley Bridge Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Birch Vale, Buxworth, High Peak, other sevrices include dog walker . pets sitting and puppy visits. Trusted key holder, years of experience, fully insured.


Saturday doggy walk Fritz & Scraps

One of favourite walks in the Peak District is one I don’t do very often, up to Brown Knowl from Wash Derbyshire, we never got that far yesterday as the weather was terrible we did however do a lovely two hour walk, kind of in-between South Head and Brown Knoll, but we never climbed as far we managed to loop starting before Wash, following signs for Upper  Fold, which is a very cute small hamlet with a few cottages, you then climb up a lane that becomes a rough track for a about a mile up hill, and eventually join a bridal way that goes from South Head, we turned right and headed towards Shire Oak, another small hamlet, high up on a hill, there is a foot path threw it and it eventually took us all the way back down to were the walk had started. Some of the fields we walked threw there were sheep so dogs were back on the leads, however we still managed quite a bit off lead walking, so it was great.


I was walking my client Fritz, something I am always happy to do at the weekend if I am free and my dog scrappy, dogs had a great time despite the rain, both were very tired after the walk myself included.




Little Happy Hounds pet care services, dog walking services, pet sitting, cat sitting High Peak

Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Furness Vale, Hayfield Chinley.


we cover New Mills,

So we offer our cat feeding services, in New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale Chapel-en-le-Frith, Birch Vale, Hayfield, Chinley, Buxworth. We offer a very caring,  very reliable pet care services. Our cat sitting prices start at £7.00 for one daily visit and £11.00 for two daily visits, am and pm, within that we offer whatever you need for cat, feeding, litter trays maintained, indoor and outdoor cats, I have a lot of experience caring for elderly cats, which includes giving medication. We are a small local business thats been in operation for over five years, I started little happy hounds in New Mills back in 2012, I moved too the town in 2005, and in 2014 we sold our house and relocated to Whaley Bridge, we still very much cover New Mills, as well Whaley Bridge.

” Little Happy Hounds, est.2012, dog walker, cat sitting and puppy visits ” 

Fully insured, years of experience, from dog nature walks too cat feeding too a very experienced puppy visits service. Please visit our website for gallery, testimonies, services and contact details http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk

alternatively find us on social media:- 



cat feeding services Whaley Bridge

Little Happy Hounds pet care offers our cat sitting services, as well dog walking. We offer a fully insured, caring personalised services. Trusted key holder, genuine lover of cats, we provide a alternative to putting cats into a cattery by caring for them in their own homes, from one or two daily visits, prices start from £7.00. 

for more information email me, Aaron info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call me 07732265149


New Mills, Birch Vale, Chinley Buxworth, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale High Peak. Puppy visit, cat sitting, cat feeding, pet sitting. Pictures below are some of our recent regular clients, Honey, Orlando, Olive, Rosie and Eustace.