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service spotlight- puppy visits.

So away from the dog walking one of the services I provide at Little Happy Hounds is puppy visits / puppy care/ puppy sitting.  I provide puppy visits in the areas of Chinley, where I am based, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire. Other areas maybe covered, for enquires, call 07732265149 or visit main website


or find us on Facebook, 


I can also be emailed directly info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk 

So like most of our services this is a very personalised service. I call in to visit a young puppy, once or twice a day, break up a long day at home alone, feed them, provide company, cuddles, playtime, and I also offer praise based training, recall, bite inhibition and lots of socialising. 

I am not a trainer at all so I strongly advice all clients with puppies to join a puppy training class, I have to say in the years I have been a dog walker it shows which puppies have not been to a class and which ones have.

A lot of dog walkers especially around here, offer puppy visits but do they do offer the training I do alongside my visit or is it just cuddles ? I am big believer in socialising little and often with young dogs,  every scenario going, walks in busy places, people, walks near busy roads, its important to get your puppy use to lots of different sights and sounds, I also do recall, toilet training,  socialising and bite inhibition, what tends to happen at Little Happy Hounds the puppies eventually go onto to one of group dog walks, which is really special for me as I have obviously built up a very strong bond with the puppy so for them to become my dog walking client is a honour and I find the ones that have been my puppies first, listen to me, have excellent recall and are very happy well rounded dogs.


My experience, is varied, I have read puppy training books, I recommend serval to my clients, I also have puppy experience through dog ownership and of course I have puppy experience running little happy hounds for the last 8 years I have cared for many puppies during this time. 


Like with all our services, I am fully insured, we are a small local business I have no employees all the care is provided by me, I am DBS checked and that certificate can be viewed at your meet and greet upon request, all the puppies you will see in this post on this dog blog are current dog walking clients that I have had the pleasure to care for from being tiny little happy puppies ! 

other services include dog walker, cat sitting and pet sitting.





LHH June onwards

so corona virus has rendered work quiet for me, I did a extra long walk today for cockapoo sisters Bobbie and Bridie, Norfolk terrier Ozzie and cocker spaniel Monty, it was Montys first day back since lockdown so he was last walked in March ! I mean it could be a lot worse, work is ticking along albeit quietly, tomorrow is the busiest day so for now its feet up and writing posts on my blog especially as its raining ! 


So I initially took four weeks off and reopened putting in strict social distancing measures with my clients, cleaning the van down regularly changing towels and harnesses as much as possible, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better any time soon, apparently death rates of corona are falling, looks like social distancing is here to stay and schools are now staying shut till September so I cant really hang about waiting for normality to come back as its way off, so with little happy hounds being such a small business I will continue to carry on, its business as usual with all our new things in place, so we are in the position to take on new clients, you could find me via our main website http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or on facebook business page, best way to get old of. me is via email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call 07732265149.

All the photos on this post are from walks done at the end of May early June, we had a week of really hot weather so I was doing water walks for the dogs in the woods lots of shade, with corona all my cat sitting bookings are cancelled, we will have to see what the future brings regarding that, I am still providing dog walks, I did have a cockapoo puppy I was visiting, when he eventually comes back he will be a fully fledged dog !! 


Little Happy hounds, run by just me Aaron, I began the business when we lived in New Mills, we moved to Whaley Bridge, spent half a decade there and then last summer 2019 we opted for a new start quieter life in the near by village of Chinley, its all my dreams come true firstly living in a village not a town and our new house is a very old house and it. happens to in the Peak District National Park Boundary !I still very much cover Whaley Bridge and have lots of clients there we do lots of lovely walks near by! 

I am very lucky and fortunate enough to have lots of lovely long term clients, in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Buxworth, and Whaley Bridge, High Peak. I am DBS checked, a trusted key holder, fully insured, I drive a van with no company details at all offering a more discrete service for when your pet is home alone ! 




The House of Happy Hounds offering pet care services in the High Peak for almost 8 years now !! I am just a honest guy, a animal lover, originally from the northeast I have lived in the Peaks now since 2005. And have been dog walking and cat sitting around here since the summer of 2012 offering a very caring, experienced, trusted service for all my wonderful clients. We have centralised the business and as of 2018 I stopped covering the vicinity of New Mills which included Hayfield and Birch Vale, just to cut back on the travel I was doing in the van, I just cover Chinley, where I live, Chapel, Whaley and Buxworth, 

So we are currently in lockdown, I am now walking a few clients that need me each week, when It comes to new dog walking enquiries, cat sitting enquires if you could email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk with details and if I can help I will ad you to a list and contact everyone when we open back up properly. With the corona virus pandemic going on and I do not want new clients for the time being. 

At Little Happy Hounds, we offer a very reliable, very experienced, selection of pet care services. I am a very small business with no employees, offering a more personalised, service. At Little Happy Hounds, we offer dog walking, cat sitting and puppy visits, in the High Peak, Derbyshire. I am based in the village of Chinley and cover all the nearby towns like Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, I also cover Buxworth as well as Chinley.


With our dog services as a dog walker, we walk in small organised groups, all my clients are off leads, when its safe to do so, we like to go interesting places off the beaten track to make the walk more exciting for our dogs, I like tire them not just physically but mentally with lots of socialising, lots of interesting smells, and lots of time off lead, its the Little Happy Hounds standard since we began life in 2012.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram and we also have a main website link below. I am police checked, fully insured, a trusted key holder.



half term high peak.

So this post in my dog blog is about half term in the High peak and challenging weather we have had this week as a dog walker, its pretty much rained, rained heavily lots of flooding all over the uk, we have had two storms, today was just the icing on the cake, very heavy rain indeed.  Its not been easy I cant stand driving around watching the roads flood as its only in recent years its happened I have lived around here since 2005. 


:- new clients Lupo and Fridgey.

so I have had a few dogs off this week with the holidays but let busier as I have cat sitting several lots of cat clients.  I have a new cats sitting client in Chinley, last year we had two new clients in Buxworth, I very much want more pet sitting clients nearer to home, as its weekend and evening work and I don’t particularly want to head into new mills twice a day at the weekend, 

It was all very last minute booing with newbies so I had not met them when I collected key, until today, I was pleasantly surprised at them both female, Lupo and Fridgey, they are both so stunning, Lupo very tactile. They are having a once a day cat visit, are outdoor cats, just feeding, litter tray maintained. Mother cat sitting clients I am caring for at the moment are Esmee and Luna, over in New Mills, the last visit is this Saturday I have been popping in once a day now for almost two weeks !! Tomorrow is a dead day so my weekend starts this eve, got just one walk tomorrow two cat visits, I am hoping for a dry day we will see.


Luna and Esmee clients since 2016.

Just a reminder, I am newly based in Chinley, but have been covering this village for pet care services since August 2012, some of my first clients were in Chinley and Chapel. Initially we lived in New Mills, then we spent five years in Whaley Bridge, then June 2019 we have moved for the long term to Chinley, Little Happy Hounds is a local caring pet care business, I am fully insured, DRB/police checked, I am a trusted key holder, reliable and very experienced in pet sitting, dog walking and puppy care, if you here any different ‘consider the source’ ….



Aaron 07732265149 info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk


cat sitting High Peak.

So as 2019 is drawing too a close its been a very eventful year for Little Happy Hounds and Little Happy Cats.  In this post I will discuss our cat sitting services. 

So its the end of November this weekend I am looking after Bertie, then in December I have a week looking after Baz Aggie Lennie and George, cat sitting regulars of mine, and Queenie is also booked in for three days.

For cat sitting I charge £8.00 per once daily visit, and £13.00 for twice daily. This for up too three pets and not just cats I have looked after all sorts of pets over the years, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs for example. 

Screenshot 2018-08-13_08-53-36

I offer reliability from a established pet care business I have been pet siting in the High Peak since the Summer of 2012. Little happy hounds is small business based in the village of Chinley, my other services include puppy visits and dog walking. As dog walker I walk in small groups and rake my dogs on proper dog nature walks exploring the Peak District countryside. 

 I offer a very caring, very personalised pet care services at all times, I cater for all cats, shy cats, elderly cats, cats who need meds, indoor cats, outdoor cats ! Litter trays maintained, feeding, brushing, playing.  I have regular clients in Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Furness Vale, High Peak which are very much areas I cover.  Fully insured, trusted key holder, CRB checked, years of experience. 

please visit our main website for more details

http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call me on 07732265149, I am also on Facebook, Instagram and youtube.





Little Happy Cats pet sitting.

September seems to have gone by very quickly. It been a good month for Little Happy Hounds, we had some amazing weather so been on some great walks, hiking up Lantern Pike Birch Vale, the snake path in Hayfield, lots of walks near home in Whaley Bridge, like Taxal.  Beyond the dog walking we have been so busy with the cats! 

So we offer a very caring very personalised experienced, cat sitting or pet sitting services. It does very well I have lots of returning clients. I have regular cat sitting clients in New Mills, Birch Vale, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley and Furness Vale these are the areas we cover in the High Peak. 

So we are currently caring for Polly , twice daily house cat, and we almost at the end of a two week duration for Marmaduke, Rosie, Dusty and Scrappy, all same household. Last week we also looked after three very handsome boys clients of mine since 2016, Walter Whirley Hector, lovely cats very easy to care for.

Find us on Facebook, to follow our kitty cat adventures, customer reviews, pictures. 










February cats !

So today is the first day of the new month March ! As a small business in the High Peak our pet sitting side of the business excelled in February, I was lucky enough to care for so many beautiful cat sitting clients of ours, beyond the dog walking the cat sitting work we do was very very busy for Little Happy Cats Whaley Bridge. 

Returning regulars, Cat, Roary, Eustace, Baz Aggie Lennie, Minuit, Dusty Rosie Marmaduke Scrappy, Whirley and Hector and new cat Walter, Ole and Tintin, we also got to look after new cats Lizzy and Mow Mow, our cat siting adventures took us all over High Peak, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Hague Bar, Whaley Bridge, Birch Vale, Furness Vale and New Mills! be sure to find us on Facebook. Pictures in this post are just some of the ones we took in February of the beautiful cats we looked after.




What a day happy Monday

So my new week got off to hectic start with another snow day on this very cold Monday. I knew it was not a good sign when one of my neighbours was stuck in the road in his car outside of my house first thing. So as a dog walker my life gets the tiny bit more complicated when we get snow.

I spent about 15 minutes shovelling snow off the drive, the car and road outside my house. So I did get quite a few texts off clients, one did cancel due to his access, it was terrifying driving around Whaley Bridge. The first walk, I left the car on Chapel Road and walked to another clients, who have a huge field behind their house so we did the first walk in that field. Pippa a westie puppy I walk was having major troubles with snow sticking to her fur so we did do a slightly shorter walk. With one cancellation I decided to condense walks 2 and 3 and just do one more walk.  It was with two Whaley Bridge clients, Amy and Ruby I usually do as a third walk, and Chinley dogs, Fritz and Ozzie. We had a lovely walk in the snow near Wash Derbyshire. The main roads were fine however a lot of places where my clients  live are down hazardous lanes, and a lot of my dog friendly walks are off the beaten track so when we get snow I do loose them. The actual walking in the snow I love the driving not so much ! Little Happy Hounds, cat sitting, dog walking High Peak, we have clients in Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, and Furness Vale.  Find us on Facebook. 



So as I may or may not know I have some wonderful and fabulous dogs on my books, a lot of dog walking clients that keep me busy and we also go on some epic dog nature walks, the Peak District. As a dog walker we walk off leads, in and around the High Peak, we have many wonderful clients and we have been reliable caring pet care business since 2012. 

So pics below are Thursdays second dog friendly walk, we collected dog walking clients from New Mills, Chinley and Chapel-en-le-Frith fort this dog friendly walk however I am going too loose this location soon too a massive pooping heard of cows, so at the moment I am making the most of it, its also 5 minutes from home so I see the same people up there every day walking there dogs, which is nice and local. As you can see we walk all breeds but I have more Little Happy Hounds on my books then large Happy Hounds, its just  a fluke, I guess. On this walk was too King Charles Cavalier spaniels Jasper and Jackson clients since 2015 and I knew them long before that from when I lived in New Mills, Max our big boy Labrador crossed with golden retriever my client since he was a tiny cute adorable puppy since 2013, love him he is very dear too my heart, Betty a beautiful young Cavachon client since 2016, and Fritz adorable ballsy miniature schnauzer and finally Tess a pint size border terrier a client since 2013 , client since 2014 sine he was a 3 month old puppy! I parked off road so it was a non lead walk all the way there and back as we never saw anyone at all, lots of running about, I threw some sticks, it was bitterly cold but they did not seem too mind and we saw a beautiful rainbow over Whaley Bridge. 



So we got back from our holiday last night, spent the week in Wales. I have just done my diary for the next few weeks, and with extra dogs, new cats, and term time dogs returning following the summer break, I am looking at a very full month for little happy hounds.So we took a week off, went to Wales, brilliant timing, as August turned out to be a very busy month, needed too take time off before the next part of 2017, September to December which are also usually very busy.  We thought Wales would of been busy but it was okay, we did a lot of walking, a lot of sunbathing. The highlights were discovering a lovely stretch of beach in between, Tywyn and Aberdify, and we lost too days sunbathing even Scrappy my dog was sunbathing. Other highlight was a massive walk we did on the Wednesday we climbed up Cadair Idris. We met a lady with a doggy they were also going up there so we climbed the entire thing with her, my dog a Shih Tzu cross and Roxie the Cocker Spaniel, the lady had some apt on her phone so I know we did 14 miles up there and back and it took just over 5 hours, it was so scenic the way we went up, felt like I had achieve something. So after spending our last day on the beach yesterday and then managed to get lost following a walk in a guide book, we did not leave Wales till gone 6 pm and were not home till 9:30 pm, walk up today and its a wet, windy, cold day in Whaley Bridge High Peak. 



Little Happy Hounds pet care services, has been in operation for almost five years. We walk in small groups, mostly off lead, and like to take our clients ‘off the beaten track’ for a dog ‘nature walk. We began the business in New Mills, and have since moved to Whaley Bridge, we also cover Disley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, Birch Vale, Buxworth, Buxton, Furness Vale, High Peak. Other services include, puppy visits, pet sitting, our cat feeding services Little Happy Cats.

we are fully insured, a trusted key holder, crb checked.

We are a small, caring, local pet care business, we have no employees, we do not drive branded company vans or use cages to transport our clients. All your dealings and all the care of your pets will be done by myself, ensuring the maximum care and personalised service we can offer.

For more information visit the website www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call Aaron 07732265149