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August happy hounds new beginnings.

Not blogged for ages ! Little Happy Hound is doing very well, after the covid-19 pandemic and I am glad to report my small. business is almost out the woods now, its been an interesting last few months, new dog walking clients, new cat clients, returning cat clients, long term dogs leaving, new reviews and all in all things are going extremeley well. 

So I think our last new dog I blogged about was Zelda the bassetoodle, since then we now have Toby the Bichon-Frise and now we have new golden doodle Maude, I also have a new dog lined up to join us in September and most recently I got a dog walking enquiry today I am going to meet them  tomorrow ‘Thursday’  and the dog is starting her walks on Friday! So since March we have had seven new dogs join us at LHH or will do very soon. 


new client Toby Bichon

So I finally heard from some clients that I had not heard from since before the lockdown six months ago, three of our regulars from two households have left the LHH building for. various reasons due to the covid-19 pandemic, we wish them well. 

We also got a new cat sitting client Horace, I looked after him last week, he lives just around the corner from me in Chinley, he is a rescue cat from the RSPCA not been with his current family very long, has a lot of health issues, but it was fine looking after him, he needs supplements and medicines added to his diet, I looked after him twice a day for a week, then we also got a returning clients Poppy and Scamp booked in for the end of August and a very last minute cat sitting gig is starting this Saturday another new cat sitting client of mine again I Chinley I looked after their beautiful cats Fridgey and Lupo for the first time in February this year and now again from Saturday !! 

Screenshot 2020-08-10_17-48-03-486

new reviews

I have had some lovely new reviews on Facebook page and on our listing the freebuisness index, big thanks again to all the clients who are supporting me as a small business. 

And lastly  we have been having some amazing dogs walks as business is quiet I’ve been doing slightly longer walks on some days, as I have less dogs in my walking groups we have been able to do different walks, as the constraints of a bigger group isn’t there, like doing walks that require on and off leads, because of roads, cattle etc I wont usually do these walks with big groups but with smaller groups much easier, cant see me wanting to take more than five out maximum again, definitely no more groups of six thats for sure.

So nearly all our new dogs have come from Whaley Bridge with one being from Bridgemont, just after Whaley, I also cover Chinley where I am now based, I also have dog walking and cat siting clients in Chapel-en-le-Frith and Buxworth which are all areas I cover in and around Chinley High Peak, as of 2018 we stopped covering New Mills, Hayfield and Birch Vale and centralised the business, 

Little Happy Hounds has now been in operation for 8 years in this area, with all our new clients I feel like we are about to start a new chapter and I am definitely looking forward to the next 8 years, as a dog walker I walk in small well organised groups, off leads, when its safe to do so, we also offer a very experienced, very caring puppy visits services, and our personalised cat feeding service, little happy cats. As a small local business, I just cover the local area around Chinley, Whaley and Chapel, I have no employees at all, offering a more caring, more personal touch to the services I offer for all my lovely clients, I am fully insured, with pet plan sanctuary, I am DBS checked, I have a clean driving license, I drive a unbranded van to offer for more discretion for when I collect your pet or feed your cat for when your not home. 


Maude and Zelda new clients

if you have an enquiry for me for dog walking puppy visits or cat sitting services, find me on Facebook, or visit the main website http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk 


you can also email me info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk 

or call me 0773226549, be sure to leave a detailed voice mail and I will get back to you, 


The House of Happy Hounds offering pet care services in the High Peak for almost 8 years now !! I am just a honest guy, a animal lover, originally from the northeast I have lived in the Peaks now since 2005. And have been dog walking and cat sitting around here since the summer of 2012 offering a very caring, experienced, trusted service for all my wonderful clients. We have centralised the business and as of 2018 I stopped covering the vicinity of New Mills which included Hayfield and Birch Vale, just to cut back on the travel I was doing in the van, I just cover Chinley, where I live, Chapel, Whaley and Buxworth, 

So we are currently in lockdown, I am now walking a few clients that need me each week, when It comes to new dog walking enquiries, cat sitting enquires if you could email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk with details and if I can help I will ad you to a list and contact everyone when we open back up properly. With the corona virus pandemic going on and I do not want new clients for the time being. 

At Little Happy Hounds, we offer a very reliable, very experienced, selection of pet care services. I am a very small business with no employees, offering a more personalised, service. At Little Happy Hounds, we offer dog walking, cat sitting and puppy visits, in the High Peak, Derbyshire. I am based in the village of Chinley and cover all the nearby towns like Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, I also cover Buxworth as well as Chinley.


With our dog services as a dog walker, we walk in small organised groups, all my clients are off leads, when its safe to do so, we like to go interesting places off the beaten track to make the walk more exciting for our dogs, I like tire them not just physically but mentally with lots of socialising, lots of interesting smells, and lots of time off lead, its the Little Happy Hounds standard since we began life in 2012.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram and we also have a main website link below. I am police checked, fully insured, a trusted key holder.



Can not believe its only Tuesday

I feel like I have done an entire week of Little Happy Hounds I am a very tired dog walker indeed;  which is annoying as its only Tuesday I am feeling more tired than usual sleeping very deeply struggling too get up nice and early !! This is not a complaint but a observation. Winter lack of sunshine and long dog walks always makes me very tired… 

So Monday yesterday we did three one hour walks and today just two one hour dog walks. we have a extra dog this week, a black Schnauzer called Teddy, who I walked once before a few months back he belongs to some family members of my client Monty a lovely cocker spaniel I walk regularly. Teddy is a one off and staying on a long training lead as he can be a bit precious and I am worried he will run away ! As a one off dog walk I don’t mind walking a dog on a lead, as all my little happy hounds regulars are able to be off leads. 


Betty in my van today enjoying the new heated seat ! 

So yesterday the dog friendly walks were, Taxal, Eccles Pike, and my third walk, which was just my dog Scrappy and sisters German shepherd Amy and her rescue dog sister Ruby was along the Peak Forest Canal, I start near Bridgemont walk towards Bugsworth Basin and do a loop around the basin its the flattest walk I do just because I have lost Toddbrook reservoir now and their are not many good walks too do near the Whaley Lane end of town, the girls love that canal walk so all is good ! 


Today I had two walks my first was Fernilee Reservoir my second was a repeat of a walk I do at Taxal, its rained a bit mostly drizzling which is fine as its been a lot milder this week, the pictures are just a few from the last few days find us on Facebook too follow our adventures in full. 


Yesterday I got some cat sitting bookings from the regulars, Queenie booked in for three days in December, more of my regular cat clients in Buxworth added another date too December they already have a week of cat visits booked in,  and this weekend I am now popping in too cat feed Bertie Friday eve, and twice on Saturday! 

For dog walking and cat sitting, I am based in Chinley and cover the surrounding areas of Buxworth, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge and Chapel-en-le-Frith High Peak, Derbyshire.  Pet care services,  include pet sitting, cat sitting, dog walking and puppy visits. As of  2018 we ceased operating in New Mills, Hayfield and Birch Vale, as we centralised the business.


Screenshot 2019-07-05_17-30-34-968

Screenshot 2019-09-18_23-33-51-043



November 19

So with the run up to Christmas we are busy at Little Happy Hounds, this post is about the business what we do and the walks we have been on in November 2019.If your interested in any of our pet care services please feel free too ring me 07732265149 or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk with your enquiry, we also have a main website with lots of information, services, testimonials , and gallery http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk 

So this last few weeks I have been avoiding walking the dogs up on Eccles Pike for various reasons,  the main one being it was October half term so not comfortable taking groups of dogs up there when everyones off work schools are closed. 

so I have been traveling further out too make sure my dogs have a great walk, various terrains, quiet places so they can enjoy a proper walk off leads. As a dog walker we walk in small well managed groups, all my clients have good recall so are off leads, the places I have been going are the Goyt Valley and Taxal.  Last year I centralised the business a bit and we stopped covering New Mills, I had a few dogs in New Mills but the majority were in Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Chinley, I basically did this too cut back on car time, it was literally raking too long to pick dogs up, A555 has done many wonderful things including making the A6 much busier.

So I tend too do three one hour groups a day, the first two my morning and lunch time group tend to be busier and my third walk is always nice and quieter less dogs on that walk , so older dogs, ad hoc dogs can go on that walk, just depends what time of day people are looking for, with travel and the dog walks I work 9:30 too about 4 most days sometimes later with the cat visits.

So now I have dog walking  and cat sitting clients in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley Bridge and Buxworth which are very much areas we cover. Little Happy Hounds is fully insured, trusted key holder.  Puppy visits, dog nature walks, and pet sitting. 


When I started the business back in 2012, there was not many people dog walking, the few I knew of were word of mouth ‘mature ladies’ shall we say, few were doing it the way I was website, using social media, how things have changed seven years down the line, in the face of all the new competition, we are still here as a small local business, still thriving and still focusing on our ethos, which is to provide dogs with excellent countryside walks and too offer the most caring personalised service we can, here is too the next seven years as I feel with my new van and my new clients our recent move that I am just getting started. 

Winter has landed in the High Peak I have some niggling cold which is not. helping but everywhere is feeling cold, wintry, dare I say it very muddy. The next few months are going to be busy with the dogs I walk and the cat sitting bookings, over the Christmas period I take a bit of time off and return second week of January fully charged raring too go. The photos in this blog are all recent from last weeks dog walks and cat visits. find us on Facebook too follow our adventures in full.


the end of a great May 2018

So its been a busy last month, with new cats, long cat sitting durations, and lots of dogs and lots of dog walking! I now have three weeks left of Little Happy Hounds, before we close for 10 days, firstly to get married and then we are off on holiday ! 

So May was busy for the cats, cat gigs new cats and we had several new cat sitting enquires, mostly in the New Mills area, I was looking after Polly in Whaley Bridge, Baz in Buxworth, and Ole and Tintin over in Chapel-en-le-Frith, so as you can see we have clients everywhere in High Peak. 

We have had some lovely dog walks throughout May and have had so many warm and sunny days brilliant with weather for a dog walker. So. have been doing a lot of wooded and shaded walks near rivers and streams, to the keep the dogs cool. On very hot days we have started earlier, and when I needed we have shortened the lunch time walk by 10 minutes as I felt the dogs were over heating, I. have fan in the my car, a soft top and I keep frozen water in their slowly defrosting so the dogs have cool water. We have enjoyed dog walking in Goyt Valley in and around Fernilee Reservoir, we did some morning walks over the border in Kettleshulme Cheshire as its wooded lovely part of the river. With our New Mills, Birch Vale and Hayfield dogs we have done wooded walks in Hayfield, and been up Lantern Pike many times, as I have a client that lives up nearer there. Little Happy Hounds pet care services based in Whaley Bridge, we go on dog friendly dog nature walks, in and around the Peak District. 

Visit our main website for more details, http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk 

or find us on Facebook. 





Little Happy Hounds est.2012.

So with August just around the corner, and with the new month comes our birthday Little Happy Hounds, has been in operation for five years. It took ages to get established, I had clients in Woodly, Reddish and all sorts, at one point I use to make £40.00 a week, and spend £20.00 on fuel, however being steely determined and having a understandable partner has helped.
It was not until 2013 that things turned around for myself, we took several puppies on that year and most of whom are still with us as dog walking clients. So as we move forward I am very much wanting to  stick with my original formula, too keep little happy hounds, a very small, very local business, with our emphasis on dog ‘nature’ walks, getting out in the countryside, off the beaten track with my clients, keeping walking groups small, and allowing maximum time off leads.
I have cared for pet sitting clients, mostly cats, from the beginning, it wasn’t until a few years back, I started too focus my energies on gaining more pet sitting clients, primarily cats, why ? As I love cats and I love caring for cats, I enjoy the varied work, and I am doing something right as Little Happy Cats is doing very well, lots of returning, regular pet sitting clients. With my cat work, I want to remain competitively priced, I don’t want to charge extra for weekends, it is weekend work primarily, I am also focusing all my energies on providing the most personalised service I can, I get to know my kitty cat clients, cats that want too play I will play with, cats that want space , ill keep my eye on them but give them space, elderly cats that need medication, happy to follow instructions, I am insured and experienced to do that, in terms of time scale, if cat needs longer I will be there till the work is done, if the cats are now where to be seen, I will do what needs to be done and then go, the morning appointments tend to be a bit quicker, the pm ones I tend to spend longer as its after dog walking duties,  I think the quickest cat visits times can be 15 minutes, longest I have recently done one was about half an hour, as some fresh flowers came, and i had to contact owner, open parcel, effectively saving the flowers, find scissors, a vase, arrange the flowers, on top of feeding the cat, thats my M&S training for you, I am always looking to go that extra mile for all my clients.  

Established in 2012, Little Happy Hounds, has been in operation for almost five years. We walk in small groups, mostly off lead, and like to take our clients ‘off the beaten track’ for a dog ‘nature walk. We began the business in New Mills, and have since moved to Whaley Bridge, we also cover Buxton, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, High Peak. Other services include, puppy visits, our cat feeding services Little Happy Cats.

We are a small, caring, local pet care business, we have no employees, we do not drive branded company vans or use cages to transport our clients. All your dealings and all the care of your pets will be done by myself, ensuring the maximum care and personalised service we can offer.

For more information visit the website www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call Aaron 07732265149

happy hounds tuesdays

What a week, i can’t believe its Tuesday, its rained for two days, so feel like i have done a months worth of work. We took new cat sitting enquiries for August, I have a extra dog all week, my friends dog Holly, very sweet, very loving Rottweiler. I have walked her before so most my clients know her, she is a sweet heart.


Been having nice walks, last few days, Toddbrook Whaley Bridge, Lantern Pike, and Taxal, as ever we walk in small groups, off leads, i know no longer offer 1-2-1 walks, as i feel dogs walking together in small pack, is nice for the dog, socialising, playtime, mentally and physically exercising them.

All pics are from todays walks we have pics from all three walks on our facebook


Established in 2012, Little Happy Hounds pet care services, has been in operation for almost five years. We walk in small groups, mostly off lead, and like to take our clients ‘off the beaten track’ for a dog ‘nature walk. We began the business in New Mills, and have since moved to Whaley Bridge, we also cover Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, High Peak. Other services include, puppy visits, dog walker, cat sitting, pet sitting our cat feeding services Little Happy Cats.


We are a small, caring, local pet care business, we have no employees, we do not drive branded company vans or use cages to transport our clients. All your dealings and all the care of your pets will be done by myself, ensuring the maximum care and personalised service we can offer.

For more information visit the website www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call Aaron 07732265149


Little Happy Hounds.

Having problems with main website it seems to have fallen out of the search engine for some tag lines like cat sitting Whaley Bridge, so until my web designer, aka my brother sorts it out i am throwing all my energies into this separate blog, too help promote Little Happy Hounds and tell the world or at least the High Peak Derbyshire about the very caring pet care services we provide. As at the moment we are looking for new dog walking clients and new cats sitting clients. 

Based in Whaley Bridge, we also cover New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chinley and Chapel-en-le-Frith High Peak, services include dog nature walks, cat sitting,  pet sitting and puppy visits. We are fully insured, CRB checked, trusted key holders, as a dog walker i take my clients off the beaten track, allowing time off leads, to roam safely, sniff and explore the Peak District. I offer socialising and company for your dog when you are not be around to care for them, I have also been doing this for five years in the professional sense, as little happy hounds began life in August 2012 in New Mills. We offer, a friendly, personalised service, we have no employees or third parties, all your dealings, and the care of your pets is done by just me, that way i can guarantee the best personalised care. I walk in small groups, i don’t drive branded vans, or use cages to transport the dogs, offering discretion during my visits, especially important when i am cat feeding and my clients are away on holiday. 

Our website has lots more information,


or find us on Facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat.

Aaron 07732265149 or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk


Little Happy Hounds.

Little Happy Hounds and Little Happy cats established back in 2012. Offering , personalised, experienced pet care services High Peak. Cat sitting, dog walker, pet sitting, dog walking services. New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chinley, Buxton.   http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk 


Errwood Hall Ruins

Every year about this time, we often go to Errwood Hall Ruins for a walk, to see the azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom. I guess its kind of in-between Buxton and Whaley Bridge,  And they never fail to amaze me, the colours and the flowers. Also this part of the Goyt Valley has no nesting signs up, saying dogs on leads March to July.  Anyway its a  must go and see end of May early June. Shinning Torr, and the Errwood estate is one of my favourite walking spots in the Peak Dsitrict, think my dog and the other dogs i take there also feel the same. 



Little Happy Hounds, dog walker, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet care services established in 2012. Based in Whaley Bridge, we began life back in 2012, fully insured, CRB checked and trusted key holder. Offering personalised, experienced, caring pet care. New Mills, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, High Peak.


Aaron 07732265149 or email info@littlehappyhounds

and find us on social media,  twitter, facebook, and Instagram.