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August in pictures

So in this post just want to highlight our lovely walks and happy hounds, all the photos you are about to see are from our dog walking adventures in and around the Peak District in August 2020. Find me on Facebook to follow our daily adventures.


Our dog walking services are available in the village of Chinley Derbyshire where I am based, I also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, High Peak, fully insured, highly experienced and very caring.  dog walker cat sitting and puppy visits.



January 2020 blog

So I have not wrote a post about Little Happy Hounds in a while on this blog, I have been concentrating my efforts in writing posts on the blog that is part of my website, http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk so a post on here a long over due. 

So far the new year has been kind too me, we are having a milder winter so works that little bit easier, its always very knackering dog walking in cold weather and in winter in general. So I have had some changes, I have new cockapoo puppy  Ralph Joining me in February for twice daily twice weekly puppy visits and eventually he will be moving on my lunch time group walk, Tuesday and Thursdays, I have new dog gizmo the Shih Tzu joing us for a walk once a week, like Ralph the new puppy he is also in Whaley Bridge, and a lady contacted me about a terrier cross in Buxworth so I am hoping she will come back too me again this all for next month, so if those three join Little Happy Hounds it will be a busy February, I wont able to take new dogs on until Ralph is a bit bigger as puppy visits play havoc with my dog walking schedule. Anyway lots of positives. 


Two lovely doggies I walk left, a German shepherd and rescue dog, I have walked them for five years, they are from the same family, the little one Ruby  who is a rescue has always been a bit skittish in the past she has run away from my walks, so for the longest time I kept her on a lead but last year I started letting her off, anyway two Fridays ago she ran away and from me for no good reason really, for me  it was the last time, beyond the stress of a client vanishing, I was working with a tummy bug so I was already unwell, anyway I found her. Once I spoke too the owner about the scenario I wanted too do some changes in how I am walking them. I offered too do lead walk only around the park for her or if they wanted too leave it was totally understandable and it would be on good terms with myself, on top of Ruby being skittish, she is also deaf and elderly, her German shepherd sister Amy is also advancing into her twilight years, anyway they left. I was a bit shocked at the enormity of it I have walked them for half a decade I am very fond of both of them; thats the thing with dog walking you get emotionally invested in other peoples pets !! I have been down this road before it hurts but I have too switch off put my business head on, and be thankful that they all left on good terms with myself. So I will miss them but onwards and upwards. 


Amy and Ruby I will miss you both x

January has been busy, I have done some cat sitting gigs, Baz and co and queenie, and a lot of my regular clients have asked for extra walks so last few weeks and next week, its been busy, one dog I see usually three days a week, asked for four until March then a few ays ago asked fro friday as well for the next two weeks so she is now albeit temporary like a full time client, lovely springer I walk called Roxy joined us last year, and she is just one of many of my dogs who have asked for extra walks. 

So I am taking moment too appreciate how steady work is, new enquiries, but also in the face of so much competition now, so I am looking inwardly at Little Happy Hounds, and wanting too highlight the things I love about the business whats working and what isn’t, I don’t advertise which is a problem, but I have now started writing more blogs, my next task is a new flyer too convey the new message of 2020 and I am considering a flyer drop.  I can take on more cat sitting and smaller pet visits nearer too home, I have spaces for new dogs , Fridays possibly Wednesday and if anyone wants a later walk about 2 onwards that viable most days, everyone always wants the lunch time walk which was partly  why Amy and Ruby were such great clients they were flexible about what time I could go for the girls. 

So too conclude, January 2020 has been fabulous for me a small business  as a dog walker, I am fully insured, this coming August little happy hounds will be 8 years old, I offer discretion for when your not at home, I don’t drive a branded company van, I specialise in proper dog nature walks, as a dog walker we go to the Goyt Valley and other places in the Peak District, I walk in small groups, off leads, I am a one man show as small local business I guarantee a more caring, reliable approach when it comes too my pet care services. Longer and shorter walks can be arranged in advance.  I am based in the village of Chinley, I have regular clients in Chinley, Buxworth, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak Derbyshire. Puppy care, cat feeding and dog walking services, find us on Facebook. 





November 19

So with the run up to Christmas we are busy at Little Happy Hounds, this post is about the business what we do and the walks we have been on in November 2019.If your interested in any of our pet care services please feel free too ring me 07732265149 or email info@littlehappyhounds.co.uk with your enquiry, we also have a main website with lots of information, services, testimonials , and gallery http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk 

So this last few weeks I have been avoiding walking the dogs up on Eccles Pike for various reasons,  the main one being it was October half term so not comfortable taking groups of dogs up there when everyones off work schools are closed. 

so I have been traveling further out too make sure my dogs have a great walk, various terrains, quiet places so they can enjoy a proper walk off leads. As a dog walker we walk in small well managed groups, all my clients have good recall so are off leads, the places I have been going are the Goyt Valley and Taxal.  Last year I centralised the business a bit and we stopped covering New Mills, I had a few dogs in New Mills but the majority were in Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Chinley, I basically did this too cut back on car time, it was literally raking too long to pick dogs up, A555 has done many wonderful things including making the A6 much busier.

So I tend too do three one hour groups a day, the first two my morning and lunch time group tend to be busier and my third walk is always nice and quieter less dogs on that walk , so older dogs, ad hoc dogs can go on that walk, just depends what time of day people are looking for, with travel and the dog walks I work 9:30 too about 4 most days sometimes later with the cat visits.

So now I have dog walking  and cat sitting clients in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley Bridge and Buxworth which are very much areas we cover. Little Happy Hounds is fully insured, trusted key holder.  Puppy visits, dog nature walks, and pet sitting. 


When I started the business back in 2012, there was not many people dog walking, the few I knew of were word of mouth ‘mature ladies’ shall we say, few were doing it the way I was website, using social media, how things have changed seven years down the line, in the face of all the new competition, we are still here as a small local business, still thriving and still focusing on our ethos, which is to provide dogs with excellent countryside walks and too offer the most caring personalised service we can, here is too the next seven years as I feel with my new van and my new clients our recent move that I am just getting started. 

Winter has landed in the High Peak I have some niggling cold which is not. helping but everywhere is feeling cold, wintry, dare I say it very muddy. The next few months are going to be busy with the dogs I walk and the cat sitting bookings, over the Christmas period I take a bit of time off and return second week of January fully charged raring too go. The photos in this blog are all recent from last weeks dog walks and cat visits. find us on Facebook too follow our adventures in full.


the first working week of 2018

So we have not blogged on here for ages, I have been focusing my energy on my website http://www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk which has a blog, this blog on here is easy too use, plus I can share these posts on social media much easier ! So lots happening in the New Year for Little Happy Hounds 2018, we have had quite a few new enquiries especially for dog walking. I have only been back to work for a week now, having taken two weeks off for Christmas and New Year. We had a family holiday in Northumberland over New Year dog friendly of course so my batteries are fully charged after a amazing break.

So last week was awesome, had so many nice dog walks, all my clients were a pleasure too walk, and we met lots of nice people on some of our walks, walking the Derbyshire countryside. I have finally finalised my holiday plans this weekend for 2018 so I am now taking cat sitting bookings for the 2018, I have quite a few cats booked in starting from the end of January our cat feeding services looks set too be another busy year for Little Happy Cats again. 

My dog friendly Walks this week have been snake path Hayfield, up to the shooting cabin Kinder Scout, We done walks close too my house in Whaley Bridge around Taxal, each morning last week with our first walk, and on our last walks I have been too Toddbrook Reservoir with our last clients, this week I have dog walked clients in Whaley Bridge,Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, New Mills and Birch Vale. As ever as we move forward into the New Year as a small local pet sitting and dog walking business, our emphasis is on dog nature walks, as a dog walker we go off leads, off the beaten track taken our dogs too interesting places, the one hour walk does not start till we get too the location and get out of the car, on quiet days I will walk for even longer, as I know it makes my dogs happy hounds. The pictures in this post are a small selection of the walks we have done this last week find us on Facebook for the full picture.  We cover Chapel Milton, Chinley, Buxworth, Whaley Bridge, Hayfield Furness Vale High Peak 



Little Happy Hounds est.2012.

So with August just around the corner, and with the new month comes our birthday Little Happy Hounds, has been in operation for five years. It took ages to get established, I had clients in Woodly, Reddish and all sorts, at one point I use to make £40.00 a week, and spend £20.00 on fuel, however being steely determined and having a understandable partner has helped.
It was not until 2013 that things turned around for myself, we took several puppies on that year and most of whom are still with us as dog walking clients. So as we move forward I am very much wanting to  stick with my original formula, too keep little happy hounds, a very small, very local business, with our emphasis on dog ‘nature’ walks, getting out in the countryside, off the beaten track with my clients, keeping walking groups small, and allowing maximum time off leads.
I have cared for pet sitting clients, mostly cats, from the beginning, it wasn’t until a few years back, I started too focus my energies on gaining more pet sitting clients, primarily cats, why ? As I love cats and I love caring for cats, I enjoy the varied work, and I am doing something right as Little Happy Cats is doing very well, lots of returning, regular pet sitting clients. With my cat work, I want to remain competitively priced, I don’t want to charge extra for weekends, it is weekend work primarily, I am also focusing all my energies on providing the most personalised service I can, I get to know my kitty cat clients, cats that want too play I will play with, cats that want space , ill keep my eye on them but give them space, elderly cats that need medication, happy to follow instructions, I am insured and experienced to do that, in terms of time scale, if cat needs longer I will be there till the work is done, if the cats are now where to be seen, I will do what needs to be done and then go, the morning appointments tend to be a bit quicker, the pm ones I tend to spend longer as its after dog walking duties,  I think the quickest cat visits times can be 15 minutes, longest I have recently done one was about half an hour, as some fresh flowers came, and i had to contact owner, open parcel, effectively saving the flowers, find scissors, a vase, arrange the flowers, on top of feeding the cat, thats my M&S training for you, I am always looking to go that extra mile for all my clients.  

Established in 2012, Little Happy Hounds, has been in operation for almost five years. We walk in small groups, mostly off lead, and like to take our clients ‘off the beaten track’ for a dog ‘nature walk. We began the business in New Mills, and have since moved to Whaley Bridge, we also cover Buxton, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, High Peak. Other services include, puppy visits, our cat feeding services Little Happy Cats.

We are a small, caring, local pet care business, we have no employees, we do not drive branded company vans or use cages to transport our clients. All your dealings and all the care of your pets will be done by myself, ensuring the maximum care and personalised service we can offer.

For more information visit the website www.littlehappyhounds.co.uk or call Aaron 07732265149

Jabba’s last week.

Sadly for us, happy for him, Jabba, our cavalier dog walking client, is leaving us. This was his last week, this coming Monday is his last ever walk with LHH.

He joined us back in October 2014, as a four month old puppy, I initially had the enquiry  back in August for Puppy visits twice a day, but I obviously could not fit in a puppy visit twice a day, being a one man show. 

So am i not sure who cared for him, when his owners were not around. I do know he was really reserved, even a bit initiated by the other dogs when he came on board. That soon changed and we have had brilliant walks ever since. The one thing i have had to watch Jabba for, and i believe this to be a cavalier trait, is he is very people orientated and will throw himself at anyone and everyone, regardless if they have a dog or not, sometimes my friends come walking with me, and thing i have noticed everyone loves Jabba, he is a loveable little dog, lots of character, i am going to miss his very expressive face, i can tell when he is sulking, or unsure or in a very happy mood, its the way his eyes look, hard to explain.  I am feeling sad writing this, but happy for him, i try and be business headed about these matters, however when your looking after a four month old puppy for two years, one gets very attached.

We wish him well with his new life in New Zealand. Picture below was taken last Thursday, Jabba and his mates Chico, Oscar, Betty, Mario and my dog Scrappy is on the far left leg on his back. Beautiful backdrop of Kinder Scout in the distance with some snow on it. 


Little Happy Hounds and Cats, dog walker, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet sitting, pet care services. Established in 2012, we offer a caring, personalised, experienced service. We don’t have employees or use branded vans, we offer a discreet, personalised service. Covering Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, High Peak.

For prices, services, contact details, find us on Facebook or visit our main website


November Hounds.

It been a busy month so far, cat sitting and dog walking. With our Little Happy Cats we have been looking after Baz, Esmee and Luna, Minuit and I am now visiting Orlando, Beatrice and Honey, every Thursday to the Christmas break, thats the cats ! 

Its also been a busy month with my woofs, we have also had quite a few new dog walking enquires. Been on some nice walks, usual haunts, Lantern Pike, Hayfield woods with my New Mills, Hayfield clients, and Eccles Pike with my Chinley, Whaley Bridge dog clients. 


last week high lights

Little Happy Hounds, dog walker, cat sitting, pet care services established in 2012. Dog walking, cat feeding, pet sitting services.

Based in Whaley Bridge, we began life back in 2012, fully insured, CRB checked and trusted key holder. Offering personalised, experienced, caring pet care. New Mills, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, High Peak.

Aaron 07732265149 or email info@littlehappyhounds
and find us on social media,
twitter, facebook, and Instagram.



customer reviews.

We’re always happy when we get feedback from our customers and clients. Here’s a few quotes of what they think of Little Happy Hounds and our services. Below are the reviews from our main website that i have received since the beginning of LHH.


Little Happy Hounds, est. 2012 Whaley Bridge, dog walking services and pet sitting.
dog walker, cat sitting, puppy visits services. professional, established caring pet care services. We cover Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxton, Chinley & Buxworth, Furness Vale & New Mills, Birch Vale & Hayfield High Peak. Fully insured, years of experienced, established business, CRB check trusted key holders. We offer experienced pet care, walking in small groups, we off dog nature walks, off leads when its safe to do so, we offer, socialising, playtime, sniffing and roaming for your dog to break up a long day at home alone, we use no third parties or employees all the work is done by myself Aaron, so you will always know who your dealing with and i can offer the best personalised care for all my clients, cat sitting and dog walking. Established in New Mills in August 2012 we are now based in Whaley Bridge High Peak.
Aaron took great care of George our cat while we were away. Professional, friendly and very helpful. We felt George and the house were in very safe hands . Aaron also very kindly put our wheelie bin out . Who could ask for more
Carol C, Whaley Bridge.
Aaron does a great job looking after our timid moggy, Minuit. She’s nervous about change but Aaron has charmed her and keeps her happy and relaxed. He is a reassuring presence. We use his services on a regular basis and would highly recommend him.
Tara T, New Mills.
Aaron has been great looking after our cat. He has great empathy with animals and we know our cat will get lots of attention whilst we’re away. Aaron is really switched on, so there are nice touches like Facebook photos that we can check out whilst we’re away. We have great confidence that Aaron will be able to sort out any unexpected events in a sensible a timely way. Things like making good decisions on when to let the cat out and when his cat flap should be locked. Last year the cat’s collar battery ran out whilst we were away and Aaron realised the problem and changed it without worrying us with texts whilst we were on holiday.
Overall a great service and a definite recommendation.
Dave E, Birch Vale.
Aaron is awesome with Tilly and I really trust him to look after her and give her a fun walk while I’m out earning pennies for gravy bones for her! He keeps me updated on her antics and handles her brilliantly considering she’s a bit of a diva! What would I do without you, Little Happy Hounds?!? Thank you so much!
Eva E, New Mills.
Great service 2 very happy dogs. Love going on walks with Aaron.
Linda C, Whaley Bridge.
Aaron has looked after our cat Pepper on a couple of occasions now and we have been so happy with how well she has been taken care of. Aaron clearly loves all the animals in his care and we can be completely confident that she will be happy and safe and will get loads of attention as well as care. He goes the extra mile for his clients, e.g. stopping by to bring her inside early one day because he noticed there were roadworks and worried she would be stressed. I would 100% recommend Little Happy Hounds!
Jennie A, New Mills.
Fantastic service that Aaron provides. Had my two Cavaliers walked for two weeks while on holiday and my son was at work. Great value for money, a very caring and professional approach. Loved seeing the daily Facebook pictures which made us feel more relaxed seeing them so happy. Booked again for my next holiday. One very happy family. X
Amanda W, New Mills.
So pleased with LHH. Winston loves his walks and is clearly so happy on all the wonderful pictures that Aaron posts on the page. Big thank you from us for the friendly and professional service.
Chloe V, Whaley Bridge.
Great service from Aaron. Our cats are pretty demanding and he just takes it in his stride. One is old and the other has a fussy tummy, but we are not charged anymore. The cats are always happy when we get back!
Molly F, Hayfield.
A fantastic service, caring and professional, our dog has never been so happy, and the Facebook updates are great too. Really helping with advice and tips, we can’t praise LHH enough. Our first experience with a dog walking service and would be more than happy to recommend LHH any time.
Catherine M, Whaley Bridge.
It’s almost a year since Aaron took on Bobbie & Bridie our
Cockapoo twins. From initial puppy visits through to social skills &
generally running amok with their doggie pals, they’ve been well looked
after & cared for by Aaron at Little Happy Hounds. At times we’ve need
extra help & he’s been right there for all of us. We love to get the
daily photos/videos as it lets us in on their secret life at Little
Happy Hounds from posing, to mud baths, to swimming it’s all there.
Keep up the good work & thank you for enabling us to have these 2
whirlwinds of joy it’s really appreciated. You’re a star.
Karen & Ken A, Whaley Bridge.
“I’ve been a customer of LHH since June 2013 and have nothing but the highest praise for their service. My dog loves her walks with them. I wouldn’t use anyone else. Top class”
Jan, S.
New Mills.
“Moved to Happy Little Hounds after my previous dog walkers, who had walked Milly since she was a pup, moved out of the area. Thought the transition might be difficult but Aaron has been fabulous and I can see in all the pictures that she’s really happy. Aaron is reliable, flexible and great with the dogs – what more could you need?”
Lesley, E.
Whaley Bridge.
Aaron is so reliable and extremely helpful. He’s sent me some great photos of my dog which show how very happy she is on her walks. Can’t recommend Little Happy Hounds enough!
S V,
Whaley Bridge
Aaron is reliable, trustworthy and very good value for money. My dogs timid and shy but she loves Aaron which means peace of mind for me and shows me he’s fantastic with the animals. I love being able to see pictures of my dog on facebook so in know she’s enjoying herself. I would reccomend Aaron 100% the best pet care service in the high peak.
Paula C,
Aaron is the best dog walker – trustworthy, caring, dedicated, flexible. He has been fabulous with our border terrier, who initially wasn’t very socialised with other dogs. I haven’t recommended him in the past, in case he became so busy he wouldn’t be able to walk our dog – selfish I know! I recommend Aaron highly !
J R,
Aaron and Little Happy Hounds are brilliant, and looks after little Jabbawocky with such love. I fully recommend Little Happy Hounds.
Keri W,
Birch Vale.
LHH is the best, most professional and reliable dog walker. My whole family subscribes to his Facebook page just to see the wonderful photos he takes of their walks every day. We could not manage without him. If anyone would like a personal reference from a genuine LHH customer. Arron will happily pass on our number.
Dawn B,
Whaley Bridge.
Aaron and Little Happy Hounds are fab! Toby really looks forward to his walks and Aaron is very accommodating in respect of our work pattern. We love looking at Facebook to see what Toby and the other dogs have been up to and where they have walked that day. Thanks for everything and at least we don’t have to worry about our little doggie when we are at work, because we know he has been well looked after.
Lynn E,
Furness Vale.
I’ve never had a dog walker, so this was our first entry into the market. We chose Aaron based on gut feel and we were super lucky. From friends reports on what extent their dog walker goes to, Aaron is a cut above his peers. If you want someone who ‘really’ loves dogs and will give them proper entertainment, love, off lead walking, socialisation and go out of his way when life chucks you a problem to deal with Aaron will support you and your dog. I’ve taken my kid two nurseries and from the pictures we get of Betty on her walks I’m considering getting Aaron to look after any future kids! (check out his facebook for evidence)
Andy W,
New Mills.
We LOVE Aaron from Little Happy Hounds. He is excellent at his job, looking after our dog as if it’s his own, and has taught our dog manners and socialisation skills, as well as simply taking him for daily exercise. Aaron is incredibly flexible and can take on more or less work as needed, even working with short notice if something comes up. Aaron is also very professional, and always accessible on email etc, which is a great service in itself. We truly can’t recommend him and Little Happy Hounds enough and are grateful for all that he does for our pup!!
Helene W,
Birch Vale.
Once again I’d like to say what a good service Little Happy Hounds provides. Although my hounds are two elderly lady cats who don’t go for many walks, since we moved to Derbyshire it’s been a great relief to know that Mama Cass and Missy Elliott are being so well cared for when we go away. Twice daily visits mean they are not too lonely and their pictures on facebook are a wonderful way of keeping in touch. Thank you very much.
Carole C,
New Mills.
Would highly recommend Aaron looked after my pets Sox and Daisy while I was away. Very caring with them. Will definately use him when on holiday next time
Vikki H,
‘Big thanks to Aaron for his patience with Baxter! He offers a great service and I can tell from the numerous picture and video updates that my diva of a dog has had great fun playing with Aaron and his canine friends on their walks. I just need to work on getting my dog to be as easy to deal with!’
Jamie C,
New Mills.
Bobbie & Bridie just love Little Happy Hounds. They’ve made so many new friends. Wishing you much success.
Karen A,
Whaley Bridge,
I just want to say a MASSIVE THANKS to Aaron and his team from Little Happy Hounds for the excellent service of looking after my dog Monty this week while I’ve worked. I highly recommend this company for anyone who needs their dog looking after.. Aaron is a lovely dog walker, punctual and easy to communicate with, and clearly has empathy with all his doggy friends.. Monty’s been on some lovely long walks, and the special touch of putting pictures up on Facebook of Monty on these walks was great and it put my mind at rest seeing Monty having a great time with his new doggy friends I can’t thank Aaron enough for the fantastic service I just wish I could have him every week anyone who needs their dog walking this is definitely the company to use..
Eley B,
Birch Vale.
Aaron looked after our cat ‘Cat’ for a week in the Easter holidays. He was professional with an obvious love of animals and we felt confident that our cat was in good hands. She is an extremely timid creature who does not like strangers but we appreciated the time he spent to get to know her to build her trust of him during the which sometimes meant searching our various windowsills! By the end of the week she would come to see him which she would not do for many people!
We mostly appreciated the Facebook posts and photos that reassured us that Cat was OK while we we away.
We would definitely use Little Happy Hounds again for cat sitting and thoroughly recommend it to future customers.
Katy R,
New Mills.
Little Happy Hounds is true to its name. It makes me -and my hound Ruby- truly happy. Aaron picks up Ruby from our home 3 days a week and is always reliable and punctual. He is very good at communicating any issues and Ruby is always delighted to see him. I am completely confident that she is always well cared for.
Francesca K,
We’ve used Aaron a couple of times now to look after our cat when we’re on holiday and we’re very happy with his service. His prices are reasonable, he’s very flexible and is always happy to help. Rupert the cat is always happy and chirpy when we get back and we will continue to use Little Happy Hounds in the future. Highly recommended.
Andy K,
New Mills.
‘Aaron looked after our 2 cats. They have quite demanding needs, which Aaron didn’t mind at all. We came home to happy cats and it was reassuring to see the photos Aaron posted of them. One of the cats is very timid but Aaron won her round. We would use Happy Little Hounds again.’
Laura P,
New Mills.
Aaron looked after our two cats and degu whilst we were away. Would definitely recommend little happy hounds (not just hounds!). Loved the facebook photos and updates.
Rachel R,
High Lane.
Also very reliable and flexible! Brilliant!
Kerry D,
New Mills.
Isla has become such a sociable confident dog since she started dog walking with Aaron. His daily photos are classic and often very entertaining at the end of a busy day! Aaron has enabled me to own & love a dog without the guilt of not always being there. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Wendy E,
Happy cats as well as Little Happy Hounds! Aaron’s been keeping an eye on our pair of furry monsters for the last few times we’ve been away and hopefully will for the foreseeable future! Excellent service, great value and peace of mind. Cheers!
Philip D,
Whaley Bridge.
Reliable and professional. Meg one happy dog!
Gillian S,
Whaley Bridge.
Aaron is fantastic with my dog, always reliable, very trustworthy and I’m constantly updated! I would have absolutely no issues recommending him to other pet owners.
Amy B,
New Mills
Aaron is doing a sterling job with Bones. The daily updates via Facebook, text and email have been so reassuring as we waited to see how Bones would react to having a dog walker. He has more than proven he is a safe pair of hands for our elderly gent. Aaron is now a firm part of Bones’ retirement years – and we’ve made this judgement after just 8 walks! Couldn’t be more pleased, and I have no hesitations in recommending him.
Sam N,
Furness Vale.
Aaron is a lovely lad who has helped me with walking my extremely energetic husky pup and always brought her back happy and tired and was extra brilliant when I was in hospital with my son climbing over fences and going through neighbours houses to collect my pup would recommend to anyone fantastic at what he does and my dog absolutely loves him!!
Aimee C,
Hague Bar.
Aaron has looked after Oscar our cavapoo since he was a small pup. Aaron walks Oscar most days and has him for ‘sleepovers’ when we go away. Oscar absolutely adores Aaron, he loves all the walks with other dogs and I’m sure wishes we’d goaway and leave him with Aaron (and Scrappy) more often! I love the postings on Facebook so I can see what adventures Oscar has got up to each day. Aaron has also helped with lots of advice and recommendations on training, feeding, trimming etc
Carla S,
Birch Vale
‘I can’t recommend Little Happy Hounds enough! Aaron has a natural empathy with dogs and my dog really enjoys his walks and I love being able to follow him on Facebook whilst I’m at work.
Aaron is polite, reliable, trustworthy and a really nice guy too.’
Rossanna S,
Whaley Bridge.
Aaron is brilliant! Cali gets so much exercise when out and I love that she is out with other doggy friends. Most of all I like that I don’t have to worry about her as I know she is in good hands, the only thing I spend my time checking is this facebook page to see what mischief Cali has been up to!! Thanks Aaron!
Laura B,
Whaley Bridge.
Have already recommended Aaron to all my dog owning friends. Very friendly, love the pictures on fb, and he was lovely to our dogs!
Nikki R,
New Mills.
I would recommend Aaron, very accommodating and helpful. I loved seeing my doggie on facebook being relaxed with Aaron and out on walks its such a good idea. My Minnie was very happy here which make me happy such a wonderful service.
Paula C,
Aaron has been looking after Max for a month now and I’m so glad we found him. He’s a natural with dogs and Max loves him! Aaron’s role doesn’t end after his hourly visit to Max though, he sends me an email to let me know what Max got up to that day and I get lots of pictures on facebook, which is fab. More importantly I am new to owning a dog and Aarons advise has been invaluable to me, nothing is a silly question.
We will soon be moving from puppy visits to ‘walkie’s’ and I am even using Aarons dog sitting service in August. We would be lost without Aarons help and I would recommend his services to anyone.
Sonia F,
Furness Vale.
Little happy hounds is the best dog sitting service you could ever hope to find. My dog Hollie is so content to have Aaron looking after her, she’s a very lucky little dog
Jan S ,
New Mills
Our crossbreed Ricky has big issues with separation anxiety but I never have any problems leaving him with Aaron. He is always happy to be dropped off there and I’m left comfortable knowing that he is going to get lots of fuss, long walks and have plenty of friends to play with. He is better with other dogs than he ever has been since visiting Aaron and when I’m away I get to see lots of photos online of him having fun playing and curled up with Aaron’s dog Scrappy. Our only complaint is it means we have a lot to live up to when we get home!
Louise D,
My Miniature Schnauzer Bailey who is two years old and never been away from us stayed with Aaron in his home for 4 nights and a day this month he was very well looked after and enjoyed lots of walks also got lots of cuddles he got on very well with Aarons little dog. I would recommend his services to anyone needing their dog to stay while you are away.
Christine C.
“I have been using little happy hounds for day care and doggy boarding and my little pup Sprolo loves it. When my boyfriend and me are away he goes for a little holiday and comes back shattered because he has been played with all day! I feel so comfortable leaving him they’re knowing he is in safe hands. And the real big thing is the Facebook page. I am away in other countries a lot of the time and I love seeing and knowing what my little monster is up to! I would definitely recommend Aaron’s services!”
Laura Trott OBE,
“I am so pleased I found this service. Aaron is passionate, skilful and conscientious. It is clear that he puts 100% into his work with our puppy combining play, care and training. He regularly communicates with us about what he has been doing with her which makes the service transparent and we feel we can trust him totally. Would definitely recommend.”
Alex B,

“We’ve had our puppy for a year now and never left him with a stranger before so we were understandably anxious to leave Barney for a week! We were so glad we got to meet Aaron and Scrappy, and have a little walkies before we decided to go on holiday. I really felt Aaron had the same attitude towards dogs that we had – and a boundless energy to deal with them! I knew that Barney would be so well walked and loved, that he wouldn’t even begin to miss us! I got multiple updates and pictures throughout the day via Facebook, it really settled my mind to know he was playful and restful.
Because Aaron loves dogs as much as I do I didn’t feel embarrassed or neurotic leaving a little set of instructions on how Barney best likes to be looked after – and I was very impressed that he went out and bought some extra chews to keep him happy! We already have plans for the next holiday – not ours, Barney’s! I’m sure he enjoyed himself more than he does at home!”
Maggie H,
“I used Little Happy Hounds when I went away for the weekend to look after my two cats. I usually put them in a local Cattery but found Aaron’s service much more flexible, easy to organise and suited the needs of both myself and my cats; not having to chase them round the house for twenty minutes to get them both in the carrier was a real bonus!
All the organisation was arranged over email we met the day before to sort out menus, handover the keys and undertake introductions. Aaron was really friendly and professional and I had no worries as I set off for my weekend away. I even received an email update on Sunday to tell me everything had gone ok.
I did deliberate about using a pet care service as opposed to a Cattery but the flexibility and personal touch provided by Aaron means I will definitely be using him again. When it comes to the cats . . . comfy home sofa or cramped Cattery? Well there’s no contest really is there!”
Sarah, B
Marple, Stockport
‘After speaking to Aaron for only a short time, I had no worries about leaving my dogs with him when I went on honeymoon. I just knew that they would be in safe and caring hands. My eldest dog, Penny, has been in kennels once before for an overnight stay and she was very stressed when she first returned home so it had to be home boarding. I was delighted to have her return home a happy and healthy girl! My 14 week old puppy, Zuki, was also extremely well cared for and spoilt I am sure. A genuinely nice guy with an obvious passion for dogs and I would highly recommend.’
Niccola D
Denton, Manchester
‘Aaron is not your average dog walker. He has a real passion for dogs and he has provided excellent care for our 9 month old puppy labrador. We have used Aaron’s doggy daycare services I can’t have enough praise for the work he does. He takes Lucy on long interesting walks which is something she really loves and she comes home tired but very happy. Aaron also plays with her, and socialises her with other dogs so she’s never bored. He even gives her a wash so she returns home clean! Aaron is so easy to work with, and is very flexible which takes the stress out of making sure your pet is cared for. We also appreciate the facebook updates which mean we can keep up with Lucy’s day almost in realtime. We feel really lucky to have found him”.’
‘We are so happy with how you’re looking after Lucy. You really are doing a fantastic job and feel really lucky to have found you. We especially appreciate the long walks you take her on.’
Richard and Michelle L,
‘Aaron has been a great help with my Jack Russell ‘Jackson’ who has stayed with him several times, he is always seems happy to see Aaron and is always content, clean and happy when I pick him up would highly recommend’
Denise H
‘Aaron is a big help with our little Jake the Jack Russell. He gets a lovely 1 hour walk while were at work and Jake always seems content when we get back home. Aaron and Jake seem to get on very well together and I would recommend Aaron’s Petcare Services to other people. ‘
‘Thanks again for today Todd is so chilled so he must have been pampered Will def be using you on a regular basis Aaaron I’m so pleased with you I know he’s in good hands’
Shammi C,

Dog Friendly Whaley Bridge.

Whaley Bridge Derbyshire is a great place to visit it is very dog friendly, if you want scenic walks, steep hikes, shops, pubs, it has it all. 

The town centre small and compact, has a several good cafes, bakers, independent office license,  a pet shop and dog friendly pubs.

For a more low level gentle walk visit the Whaley Bridge canal basin, you can walk to Buxsworth and Bugsworth basin, there is a dog friendly pub there called Navigation Inn, also other nice walks from Buxtworth, the peak forest tramway and Chinley with Chinley Churn.

Also in the town centre is Toddbrook Reservoir, scenic, wooded nature reserve, accessed via reservoir road or through memorial park. Great for dog walking, fishing, sailing.

The Goyt Valley also happens to be situated just outside of Whaley Bridge. Off Macclesfield Road in the small hamlet of Taxal with walks to Fernilee Reservoir and up to Taxal Edge both dog friendly walks, of course in summer of the fields can have cows and sheep in so always put your dogs on leads in this scenario.


Whaley Bridge

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring Dog Walking Pet Care services High Peak’

Dog Walker Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.



Buxton, New Mills, Chinley, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith.

High Peak Pet Care Services.

Little Happy Hounds based in Whaley Bridge, we offer a established, caring, pet care services. We have dog walking and cat sitting clients all over High Peak, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley, New Mills, Birch Vale and more.

We walk in small organised groups, on and off leads, allowing plenty of time for your dogs to get proper exercise, playtime and to socialise.

Established in 2012 in New Mills, we moved to Whaley Bridge last summer. Other services include cat sitting, puppy visits and dog walker.



Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.