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August in pictures

So in this post just want to highlight our lovely walks and happy hounds, all the photos you are about to see are from our dog walking adventures in and around the Peak District in August 2020. Find me on Facebook to follow our daily adventures.

Our dog walking services are available in the village of Chinley Derbyshire where I am based, I also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, High Peak, fully insured, highly experienced and very caring.  dog walker cat sitting and puppy visits.



find us on Facebook

So I am realising more social media is helping promote my pet care business, that once people see the page, the photos and videos I post of the pet care dog walking I offer, the page speaks for itself, this is through feed back I’ve had and my last few enquiries and new clients have happened this way !

  • As a dog walker I am CRB checked, I am getting a up to date DBS check done at the end of January ! 
  •   I am a trusted key holder. 
  • In August little happy hounds has been in operation for 8 years. 
  • Reliable experienced and trusty worthy.
  • Established pet care services. 

As a dog walker, I drive a unbranded van, too offer discretion when your not in, there is  cage in the van, most of the dog travel together in the middle of the van I have dog guard up,  I don’t find any need , almost 8 years down the line that each dog needs to be caged. I walk in small, well organised groups, off leads when its safe to do so, I offer exercise, mental stimulation on my walks, company for your dogs. My dog friendly walks include, Taxal, the Goyt Valley, other walks around the Peak District national park


We are based in Chinley Derbyshire in the High Peak, I have clients in Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Furness Vale. Services include cat sitting, puppy visits, dog walking services,  pet sitting and small animal visits. 

Aaron 07732265149 or email me

November 19

So with the run up to Christmas we are busy at Little Happy Hounds, this post is about the business what we do and the walks we have been on in November 2019.If your interested in any of our pet care services please feel free too ring me 07732265149 or email with your enquiry, we also have a main website with lots of information, services, testimonials , and gallery 

So this last few weeks I have been avoiding walking the dogs up on Eccles Pike for various reasons,  the main one being it was October half term so not comfortable taking groups of dogs up there when everyones off work schools are closed. 

so I have been traveling further out too make sure my dogs have a great walk, various terrains, quiet places so they can enjoy a proper walk off leads. As a dog walker we walk in small well managed groups, all my clients have good recall so are off leads, the places I have been going are the Goyt Valley and Taxal.  Last year I centralised the business a bit and we stopped covering New Mills, I had a few dogs in New Mills but the majority were in Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Chinley, I basically did this too cut back on car time, it was literally raking too long to pick dogs up, A555 has done many wonderful things including making the A6 much busier.

So I tend too do three one hour groups a day, the first two my morning and lunch time group tend to be busier and my third walk is always nice and quieter less dogs on that walk , so older dogs, ad hoc dogs can go on that walk, just depends what time of day people are looking for, with travel and the dog walks I work 9:30 too about 4 most days sometimes later with the cat visits.

So now I have dog walking  and cat sitting clients in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley Bridge and Buxworth which are very much areas we cover. Little Happy Hounds is fully insured, trusted key holder.  Puppy visits, dog nature walks, and pet sitting. 


When I started the business back in 2012, there was not many people dog walking, the few I knew of were word of mouth ‘mature ladies’ shall we say, few were doing it the way I was website, using social media, how things have changed seven years down the line, in the face of all the new competition, we are still here as a small local business, still thriving and still focusing on our ethos, which is to provide dogs with excellent countryside walks and too offer the most caring personalised service we can, here is too the next seven years as I feel with my new van and my new clients our recent move that I am just getting started. 

Winter has landed in the High Peak I have some niggling cold which is not. helping but everywhere is feeling cold, wintry, dare I say it very muddy. The next few months are going to be busy with the dogs I walk and the cat sitting bookings, over the Christmas period I take a bit of time off and return second week of January fully charged raring too go. The photos in this blog are all recent from last weeks dog walks and cat visits. find us on Facebook too follow our adventures in full.


Woof Woof Wednesday & Whiskers Wednesday.

what a day and too think I am quiet as its half term and at least six dog walking clients are off today for the Half term. I have done three cat sitting visits for 8 cats and walked four dogs, five with my own dog. I usually do three one hour walks on a Wednesday however today I was able to just do one, collecting dogs from Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, New Mills and Birch Vale and doing the walk in Hayfield. We did a slightly longer walk and it was great weathers was dry and strangely mild. Love parts of Hayfield as it can be very dog friendly, if you no the places that are sheep free, we get a lot of tourists there so I am always careful and mindful when I take a group of dogs walking there.  Today we had my dog a Shih Tzu x Yorkie cross, Monty a Westie x Yorkie cross, Betty a Cavachon, Oscar a Cavapoo and Fritz a miniature Schnauzer.

We had cat sitting gigs today in Chapel-en-le-Frith, New Mills and Birch Vale, including our new cat sitting clients Arthur Sheba Coco and Tinkerbell, I am loving caring for these new clients, Sheba is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, she is half Persian and has come too High Peak from the Middle East ! Typical Wednesday for me, awesome long dog nature walk, views, hills, happy hounds off leads, and caring for a bevy of lovely cats. Pictures below are from today. Little Happy Hounds, dog walker, pet care services Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire. Fully insured, reliable pet sitting puppy care and dog sitting services, we cover Furness Vale, Disley, New Mills, Whaley Bridge Buxworth and Chapel.

October at a glance

Its so far been a great month, I was mega busy last week, the week before half term, this current week, half term, we are a bit quieter as some of our regular dog walking clients are off on holiday!  I have quite a few cat sitting clients booked in and after last weeks busyness i am enjoying the quiet time! 


Beautiful October 

Today, Tuesday, we have had walks in Chapel-en-le-Frith, for five of my clients, late morning and then this afternoon, i took two of my clients, plus my dog, to the woods in Hayfield, its been a beautiful dry autumn day. On top of the dog walks I have also done two lots of cat sitting visits am and pm , Rosey and Dusty, and Cat, and we popped in to cat visit Billy. Yesterday was great as I just had one walk, thats not happened for years, and i took the dogs to one of my favourite spots at Goyt Valley, Peak District.



As ever we appreciate customer feed back, from day one I have felt customer reviews are important when your working in this kind of business, working with peoples pets, in peoples homes etc, so i was very happy when a long standing client of mine left me this review on Facebook, very touched and very appreciated. 



Little Happy Hounds and Cats, dog walker, cat sitting, pet care services. Established in 2012, we offer a caring, personalised, experienced service. We don’t have employees or use branded vans, we offer a discreet, personalised service. Covering Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, High Peak.

For prices, services, contact details, find us on Facebook or visit our main website

Happy Cats as well.

When I am dog walking taking my clients up Taxal Edge or Lantern Pike, I am also caring for peoples cats, guinea pigs, chickens to name but a few, with Little Happy Cats our pet sitting service.

As well as experience and special one to one care, this service is competitively priced, we are fully insured, and have been caring for pets since 2012. We are Trusted key holders.

Our cat sitting or cat feeding service is available all over High Peak and we also cover Disley and Kettleshulme.

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walker Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield, Whaley Bridge, Buxsworth, Disley, Buxton, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak.


Busy old weekend and Whaley Moor

Its been a fairly busy old weekend, yesterday I was cat sitting and today dog walking.

I was walking my clients Amy and Ruby today and we decided to go up Whaley Moor, from Start Lane, Whaley Bridge, we headed towards Higher Disley and came back over Whaley Moor, there are some sheep in places, at the moment we still managed to find parts of the walk sheep free and were able to have the dogs off leads.

the dogs on whaley moor

the dogs on whaley moor

And I finally saw the dipping stone, a megalithic stone on Whaley Moor. Been wanting to see it since I read about it last year, its pretty impressive, a bit like Bowstones. I recommend getting up Whaley Moor at the moment, there are not too many sheep at the moment, but also the corse is out and smells really lovely, the views are great up there looking towards Taxal Edge, Kettleshulme and you can see Windgather Rocks in the goyt valley.

Dipping Stone

Dipping Stone

Yesterday I was cat sitting Huey and Billy in Hayfield and we also went to see the Hayfield May Queen Parade, as my friend Georgie another dog walker ” all animals welcome” was in the parade and she won, first prize for the best float. 



Based in Whaley Bridge, we also cover Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Furness Vale, New Mills, Hayfield, Buxworth, Buxton, Birch Vale, High Peak Derbyshire.

Dog walker, pet sitting, puppy visits and cat feeding services High Peak.

Aaron 07732265149 or email for more information visit our main website

A dog walk Whaley Bridge

One of my favourite walks, five minutes from my house, is Toddbrook Reservoir Whaley Bridge Derbyshire. Its very scenic, a park on one side of it and on the other a path that follows the length of it leads to the stream ‘Toddbrook’ that passed through Kettleshulme on its way to fill the reservoir up. 


Also at the end of of Toddbrook there are lots of paths, one leads back up to the blind bend top of Macc road and we live just off there. There is a sailing club who use it. 


I sometimes walk my clients here it can get congested with dog walkers, also the only dog poop bin is no where near the main path and there is a a bit that floods winter time in between the bin and path, meaning i have to go onto  reservoir road and take a diversion to get to the poop bin !! 

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walker Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Chinley, New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Birch Vale, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak.



A new month and one of my favourite months, for me on a personal level, firstly spring has arrived, one of my favourite seasons. Our first spring and march in our new home, this is also the month where i am catching up with my family later in the month, meeting my new baby nephew, and its my birthday and then just after it is my dog Scrappys 6th birthday.

This is a blog about countryside, the Goyt Valley and my dog walking business, so this post very much reflects all of those things.  I am planning to do a lot more walking nearer to home, not just dog walking for work, but at the weekend on my days off, as I appreciate the environment we live in, feeling very lucky and very fortunate to have moved here.

Work wise, first week of March is looking very busy got several of my ad-hoc clients booked in, and extra appointment for several of my regulars plus my regulars, so i am looking at possibly the busiest week of 2015 thus far…

pic below is from a walk i did yesterday ( technically still February i know) but I walked from my house, about 10 minutes on foot you enter the small village of Taxal and then like magic your in the Goyt Valley, very happy and very appreciative of this amazing stretch of countryside,

lovely lane just after Taxal

lovely lane just after Taxal

Little Happy Hounds

established in 2012.

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walker Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Find us on facebook

Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, Buxworth, New Mills, High Peak.


I like to make a fuss of my dog clients on their birthdays for my older dogs its a birthday mention on my facebook business page and when i see them next i will aim to keep them out a bit longer, giving them a extended walk for their birthdays! 

With my puppy visits clients, I always get them a card and present for their first birthday! in most cases I have been there with them several days a week sometimes longer from about 9 and 10 weeks old so we always have a close a bond. So part of my mission to always go that extra mile and provide a extra personalised service this is something I like do !! 

Betty the cockapoo ( pictured below turns one end of this month I have cared for her since she was 10 weeks)




Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Whaley Bridge New Mills Chinley Chapel-en-le-Frith Furness Vale Birch Vale High Peak.