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service spotlight- puppy visits.

So away from the dog walking one of the services I provide at Little Happy Hounds is puppy visits / puppy care/ puppy sitting.  I provide puppy visits in the areas of Chinley, where I am based, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire. Other areas maybe covered, for enquires, call 07732265149 or visit main website

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So like most of our services this is a very personalised service. I call in to visit a young puppy, once or twice a day, break up a long day at home alone, feed them, provide company, cuddles, playtime, and I also offer praise based training, recall, bite inhibition and lots of socialising. 

I am not a trainer at all so I strongly advice all clients with puppies to join a puppy training class, I have to say in the years I have been a dog walker it shows which puppies have not been to a class and which ones have.

A lot of dog walkers especially around here, offer puppy visits but do they do offer the training I do alongside my visit or is it just cuddles ? I am big believer in socialising little and often with young dogs,  every scenario going, walks in busy places, people, walks near busy roads, its important to get your puppy use to lots of different sights and sounds, I also do recall, toilet training,  socialising and bite inhibition, what tends to happen at Little Happy Hounds the puppies eventually go onto to one of group dog walks, which is really special for me as I have obviously built up a very strong bond with the puppy so for them to become my dog walking client is a honour and I find the ones that have been my puppies first, listen to me, have excellent recall and are very happy well rounded dogs.


My experience, is varied, I have read puppy training books, I recommend serval to my clients, I also have puppy experience through dog ownership and of course I have puppy experience running little happy hounds for the last 8 years I have cared for many puppies during this time.

Like with all our services, I am fully insured, we are a small local business I have no employees all the care is provided by me, I am DBS checked and that certificate can be viewed at your meet and greet upon request, all the puppies you will see in this post on this dog blog are current dog walking clients that I have had the pleasure to care for from being tiny little happy puppies ! 

other services include dog walker, cat sitting and pet sitting.





January 2020 blog

So I have not wrote a post about Little Happy Hounds in a while on this blog, I have been concentrating my efforts in writing posts on the blog that is part of my website, so a post on here a long over due. 

So far the new year has been kind too me, we are having a milder winter so works that little bit easier, its always very knackering dog walking in cold weather and in winter in general. So I have had some changes, I have new cockapoo puppy  Ralph Joining me in February for twice daily twice weekly puppy visits and eventually he will be moving on my lunch time group walk, Tuesday and Thursdays, I have new dog gizmo the Shih Tzu joing us for a walk once a week, like Ralph the new puppy he is also in Whaley Bridge, and a lady contacted me about a terrier cross in Buxworth so I am hoping she will come back too me again this all for next month, so if those three join Little Happy Hounds it will be a busy February, I wont able to take new dogs on until Ralph is a bit bigger as puppy visits play havoc with my dog walking schedule. Anyway lots of positives. 


Two lovely doggies I walk left, a German shepherd and rescue dog, I have walked them for five years, they are from the same family, the little one Ruby  who is a rescue has always been a bit skittish in the past she has run away from my walks, so for the longest time I kept her on a lead but last year I started letting her off, anyway two Fridays ago she ran away and from me for no good reason really, for me  it was the last time, beyond the stress of a client vanishing, I was working with a tummy bug so I was already unwell, anyway I found her. Once I spoke too the owner about the scenario I wanted too do some changes in how I am walking them. I offered too do lead walk only around the park for her or if they wanted too leave it was totally understandable and it would be on good terms with myself, on top of Ruby being skittish, she is also deaf and elderly, her German shepherd sister Amy is also advancing into her twilight years, anyway they left. I was a bit shocked at the enormity of it I have walked them for half a decade I am very fond of both of them; thats the thing with dog walking you get emotionally invested in other peoples pets !! I have been down this road before it hurts but I have too switch off put my business head on, and be thankful that they all left on good terms with myself. So I will miss them but onwards and upwards. 


Amy and Ruby I will miss you both x

January has been busy, I have done some cat sitting gigs, Baz and co and queenie, and a lot of my regular clients have asked for extra walks so last few weeks and next week, its been busy, one dog I see usually three days a week, asked for four until March then a few ays ago asked fro friday as well for the next two weeks so she is now albeit temporary like a full time client, lovely springer I walk called Roxy joined us last year, and she is just one of many of my dogs who have asked for extra walks. 

So I am taking moment too appreciate how steady work is, new enquiries, but also in the face of so much competition now, so I am looking inwardly at Little Happy Hounds, and wanting too highlight the things I love about the business whats working and what isn’t, I don’t advertise which is a problem, but I have now started writing more blogs, my next task is a new flyer too convey the new message of 2020 and I am considering a flyer drop.  I can take on more cat sitting and smaller pet visits nearer too home, I have spaces for new dogs , Fridays possibly Wednesday and if anyone wants a later walk about 2 onwards that viable most days, everyone always wants the lunch time walk which was partly  why Amy and Ruby were such great clients they were flexible about what time I could go for the girls. 

So too conclude, January 2020 has been fabulous for me a small business  as a dog walker, I am fully insured, this coming August little happy hounds will be 8 years old, I offer discretion for when your not at home, I don’t drive a branded company van, I specialise in proper dog nature walks, as a dog walker we go to the Goyt Valley and other places in the Peak District, I walk in small groups, off leads, I am a one man show as small local business I guarantee a more caring, reliable approach when it comes too my pet care services. Longer and shorter walks can be arranged in advance.  I am based in the village of Chinley, I have regular clients in Chinley, Buxworth, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak Derbyshire. Puppy care, cat feeding and dog walking services, find us on Facebook.




happy walks happy hounds.

We offer professional, caring, established pet care services, dog nature walks, cat feeding, fully insured, years of experience, we first began life in New Mills in 2012, we are now based in Whaley Bridge. We walk in small groups, off leads, we don’t have employees, vans or cages, all the work is done by myself, with the help of my 8 year old yorkie cross Scrappy. I offer a very caring, very personalised service. Visit our main website for more information and for customer reviews.


Little Happy Hounds and Little Happy cats. Offering , personalised, experienced pet care services High Peak. Cat sitting, dog walker, pet sitting, dog walking services. New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chinley, Buxton. 

Services April 2017

So we offer a number of services, puppy visits, dog walking and pet sitting. The ones that keep Little Happy Hounds busy are dog walking and cat sitting services. With puppy visits, its often a 1-2-1 visit needed initially, so being a one man band at the moment, it would have to be two visits daily, a shorter one in the morning and longer one after 2, as i am dog walking 10:30 till 2 most days.  A lot of the puppies i use to care for have grown up and become my dog walking clients. Other services i offer for my current clients are, longer or shorter walks, a double walk of need be. Daycare if i am available, toilet visits if one of my dogs is sick or injured and can’t walk and weekend dog walking, if i am available.

Cat Sitting, I am quite lucky to have so many returning cat sitting clients, and i always have room for new clients. I offer a very personalised, very caring service, which i guarantee as i do all the work myself. i meet all new clients before hand to discuss what your cat needs, as each cat i meet is a bit different to the last. I first started looking after friends cats when i was 18, I am now 37 and I have some cats on my books that have been with Little Happy Hounds since the beginning back in 2012.

With pet sitting cat feeding services, you name it and i have done it, litter trays maintained, indoors and outdoor cats, their is a element of cleaning so i will clean up after the cats, hoover sweep , all sorts, I have also looked after quite a few elderly cats, and given them medication, i am insured to do so. I am also a trusted key holder, CRB checked, have been running Little Happy Hounds successfully since August 2012. We have regular cat clients, in Birch Vale, Chinley, Hayfield, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, New Mills, and Furness Vale High Peak.

Dog walking, I have some great dog clients. I offer a full hour dog walk, which excludes travel time, i am with each client sometimes for two hours with the travel included. On quiet days, i often do longer walks, its one of the many things i don’t get paid for, not in cash anyway, i get paid seeing how much fun and enjoyment my dogs get. I was quiet last week for easter so i did two 1.5 hour walks on several days. I use to offer solo dog walks, or half an hour dog walks and i use to walk elderly dogs 1-2-1. I just found everyone wanted the lunch time spot, so in the end with out wanting to take on employees and turning Little Happy Hounds into a monster of a business, i cut back focusing on one hour group walks, so depending on what time of day people are looking for I am aways open to offers. I think for new dog walking clients i have available in Whaley Bridge, for the last walk which is about 2, 2:30, on Tuesday and Thursday i think i have a lunch time spot.

On top of running a business, i am also the proud parent of my dog Scrappy, my partner works very long hours, so i am pretty much responsible for my own dogs wellbeing he use to come on most walks on better weather days, now he has a bit of arthritis in his foot, so has cut back on his exercise, so i am trying everyday to get the balance right, juggling his care with work. I only learnt this last winter that he is not bothered about the first dog walk, he will stay in bed fast asleep all i come back for him for walk 2.


I offer dog nature walks, dogs off leads when its safe to do so, we avoid places with cattle,  my great passion in life is walking and countryside, so if you know Derbyshire High Peak, we are spoilt with beautiful dog friendly places to go walking and from my house you can walk into the Peak District National Park and the Goyt Valley. i feel my experience in the last five years as a dog walker is quite varied so i have so much experience, walking six dogs at one time, or walking small dogs, larger breed dogs, young dogs and older dogs. I do not drive a branded company car, i don’t use a van or cages, we are one happy family in the car, some of my dogs go in the boot, some on the back seat, i have seat belt clips, dog guard, i vet all clients regarding travel, as i do not enjoy driving the best of times, without a dog stressing or barking on top of that, plus it upsets my other woofly passengers, we have dog clients in Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, New Mills,

Contact information For more information, find us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or email visit our main website for galleries, customer reviews

Little Happy Hounds dog walking and pet sitting services , est.2012.

New Mills, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith,

dog walker, cat feeding, cat sitting pet care services High Peak.

Jabba’s last week.

Sadly for us, happy for him, Jabba, our cavalier dog walking client, is leaving us. This was his last week, this coming Monday is his last ever walk with LHH.

He joined us back in October 2014, as a four month old puppy, I initially had the enquiry  back in August for Puppy visits twice a day, but I obviously could not fit in a puppy visit twice a day, being a one man show. 

So am i not sure who cared for him, when his owners were not around. I do know he was really reserved, even a bit initiated by the other dogs when he came on board. That soon changed and we have had brilliant walks ever since. The one thing i have had to watch Jabba for, and i believe this to be a cavalier trait, is he is very people orientated and will throw himself at anyone and everyone, regardless if they have a dog or not, sometimes my friends come walking with me, and thing i have noticed everyone loves Jabba, he is a loveable little dog, lots of character, i am going to miss his very expressive face, i can tell when he is sulking, or unsure or in a very happy mood, its the way his eyes look, hard to explain.  I am feeling sad writing this, but happy for him, i try and be business headed about these matters, however when your looking after a four month old puppy for two years, one gets very attached.

We wish him well with his new life in New Zealand. Picture below was taken last Thursday, Jabba and his mates Chico, Oscar, Betty, Mario and my dog Scrappy is on the far left leg on his back. Beautiful backdrop of Kinder Scout in the distance with some snow on it. 


Little Happy Hounds and Cats, dog walker, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet sitting, pet care services. Established in 2012, we offer a caring, personalised, experienced service. We don’t have employees or use branded vans, we offer a discreet, personalised service. Covering Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, High Peak.

For prices, services, contact details, find us on Facebook or visit our main website

Happy Cats as well.

When I am dog walking taking my clients up Taxal Edge or Lantern Pike, I am also caring for peoples cats, guinea pigs, chickens to name but a few, with Little Happy Cats our pet sitting service.

As well as experience and special one to one care, this service is competitively priced, we are fully insured, and have been caring for pets since 2012. We are Trusted key holders.

Our cat sitting or cat feeding service is available all over High Peak and we also cover Disley and Kettleshulme.

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walker Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield, Whaley Bridge, Buxsworth, Disley, Buxton, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak.


puppy visits

Little Happy Hounds pet sitting and dog walking Whaley Bridge High Peak. We offer professional, experienced, caring puppy visits or puppy sitting,

As well as playtime, reward praise based training, we also socialise your puppy with lots of different situations and once your dog is vaccinated with other doggies. I also help with, basic commands, toilet training, recall and bite inhibition.

Our puppy visits break up a long day alone at home, a toilet break, exercise, company and lots of cuddles and attention, we feel this is the perfect way for us to build a bond with your puppy if they go onto become our dog walker client.

Our puppy visits are, like all our services, are personalised so whatever your looking for we can try and accommodate, from feeding, playtime and more.

We also feel strongly that a puppy training class is a must for all new puppy owners, we recommend Chadkirk dog training in Romiley and academy 4 dogs Stockport.

Dog Walker, cat sitting and more,

Other areas we cover New Mills, Furness Vale, Chapel en le Frith, Birch Vale, Hayfield, Chinley and more High Peak.





Bobbie and Bridie

Bobbie and Bridie

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.