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service spotlight- puppy visits.

So away from the dog walking one of the services I provide at Little Happy Hounds is puppy visits / puppy care/ puppy sitting.  I provide puppy visits in the areas of Chinley, where I am based, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire. Other areas maybe covered, for enquires, call 07732265149 or visit main website

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So like most of our services this is a very personalised service. I call in to visit a young puppy, once or twice a day, break up a long day at home alone, feed them, provide company, cuddles, playtime, and I also offer praise based training, recall, bite inhibition and lots of socialising. 

I am not a trainer at all so I strongly advice all clients with puppies to join a puppy training class, I have to say in the years I have been a dog walker it shows which puppies have not been to a class and which ones have.

A lot of dog walkers especially around here, offer puppy visits but do they do offer the training I do alongside my visit or is it just cuddles ? I am big believer in socialising little and often with young dogs,  every scenario going, walks in busy places, people, walks near busy roads, its important to get your puppy use to lots of different sights and sounds, I also do recall, toilet training,  socialising and bite inhibition, what tends to happen at Little Happy Hounds the puppies eventually go onto to one of group dog walks, which is really special for me as I have obviously built up a very strong bond with the puppy so for them to become my dog walking client is a honour and I find the ones that have been my puppies first, listen to me, have excellent recall and are very happy well rounded dogs.


My experience, is varied, I have read puppy training books, I recommend serval to my clients, I also have puppy experience through dog ownership and of course I have puppy experience running little happy hounds for the last 8 years I have cared for many puppies during this time.

Like with all our services, I am fully insured, we are a small local business I have no employees all the care is provided by me, I am DBS checked and that certificate can be viewed at your meet and greet upon request, all the puppies you will see in this post on this dog blog are current dog walking clients that I have had the pleasure to care for from being tiny little happy puppies ! 

other services include dog walker, cat sitting and pet sitting.





happy hounds tuesdays

What a week, i can’t believe its Tuesday, its rained for two days, so feel like i have done a months worth of work. We took new cat sitting enquiries for August, I have a extra dog all week, my friends dog Holly, very sweet, very loving Rottweiler. I have walked her before so most my clients know her, she is a sweet heart.


Been having nice walks, last few days, Toddbrook Whaley Bridge, Lantern Pike, and Taxal, as ever we walk in small groups, off leads, i know no longer offer 1-2-1 walks, as i feel dogs walking together in small pack, is nice for the dog, socialising, playtime, mentally and physically exercising them.

All pics are from todays walks we have pics from all three walks on our facebook

Established in 2012, Little Happy Hounds pet care services, has been in operation for almost five years. We walk in small groups, mostly off lead, and like to take our clients ‘off the beaten track’ for a dog ‘nature walk. We began the business in New Mills, and have since moved to Whaley Bridge, we also cover Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, High Peak. Other services include, puppy visits, dog walker, cat sitting, pet sitting our cat feeding services Little Happy Cats.


We are a small, caring, local pet care business, we have no employees, we do not drive branded company vans or use cages to transport our clients. All your dealings and all the care of your pets will be done by myself, ensuring the maximum care and personalised service we can offer.

For more information visit the website or call Aaron 07732265149


Happy Cats as well.

When I am dog walking taking my clients up Taxal Edge or Lantern Pike, I am also caring for peoples cats, guinea pigs, chickens to name but a few, with Little Happy Cats our pet sitting service.

As well as experience and special one to one care, this service is competitively priced, we are fully insured, and have been caring for pets since 2012. We are Trusted key holders.

Our cat sitting or cat feeding service is available all over High Peak and we also cover Disley and Kettleshulme.

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walker Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield, Whaley Bridge, Buxsworth, Disley, Buxton, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak.


puppy visits

Little Happy Hounds pet sitting and dog walking Whaley Bridge High Peak. We offer professional, experienced, caring puppy visits or puppy sitting,

As well as playtime, reward praise based training, we also socialise your puppy with lots of different situations and once your dog is vaccinated with other doggies. I also help with, basic commands, toilet training, recall and bite inhibition.

Our puppy visits break up a long day alone at home, a toilet break, exercise, company and lots of cuddles and attention, we feel this is the perfect way for us to build a bond with your puppy if they go onto become our dog walker client.

Our puppy visits are, like all our services, are personalised so whatever your looking for we can try and accommodate, from feeding, playtime and more.

We also feel strongly that a puppy training class is a must for all new puppy owners, we recommend Chadkirk dog training in Romiley and academy 4 dogs Stockport.

Dog Walker, cat sitting and more,

Other areas we cover New Mills, Furness Vale, Chapel en le Frith, Birch Vale, Hayfield, Chinley and more High Peak.





Bobbie and Bridie

Bobbie and Bridie

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

happy walks happy hounds

Little Happy Hounds

dog walking in New Mills is one of the best places to be a dog walker. Having lived in the town for 9 years, i know lots of places, fields, woods, hills. 

I prefer walking my clients off leads whenever possible, this is the best exercise for dogs, so I often walk in small groups in very quiet locations.

We often avoid Mousley Bottom, the Sett Valley Trail, as they are always busy, and if you have a group of dogs some of whom are only young and still learning its best to avoid other people. Whaley Bridge is also brilliant for dog walking with places like Fernilee Reservoir and Eccles Pike near by.


Little Happy Hounds, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet sitting and dog walker services, Whaley Bridge Derbyshire.

Fully insured, CRB checked, key holder, established caring pet care services.

covering High Peak New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley…

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caring pet care services.

Little Happy Hounds, cat feeding, cat visits, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet sitting and dog walker services, Whaley Bridge Derbyshire.

Fully insured, CRB checked, key holder, established caring pet care services.

covering High Peak New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Furness Vale and more.

Aaron, email me at or call or text 07732265149

or visit our website

Bobbie and Bridie

Bobbie and Bridie

Puppies Galore

I am crazy about dogs, but i am extra crazy about puppies, and at the moment i am very lucky to have three young pups on my books and three slightly older pups, I have Bobbie Bridie who are 7 months now and Betty who is 8 months all are Cockapoo’s, and we now have Jabba a five month old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, four months old miniature schnauzer. Little Happy Hounds, dog walker, pet sitting, Whaley Bridge, High Peak.

Jabba and Fritz

Jabba and Fritz

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.