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August in pictures

So in this post just want to highlight our lovely walks and happy hounds, all the photos you are about to see are from our dog walking adventures in and around the Peak District in August 2020. Find me on Facebook to follow our daily adventures.

Our dog walking services are available in the village of Chinley Derbyshire where I am based, I also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, High Peak, fully insured, highly experienced and very caring.  dog walker cat sitting and puppy visits.



Back we go.

So we are now back in business have been for a few weeks now, I am now in the position to take on new clients, 

all new enquiries can either email or 07732265149 or contact me on facebook

So I thought needed a nice new post with nice recent photos of the dogs on there walks all these photos are tom the first week of June 2020. As you can see I like to go on proper dog nature walks around Derbyshire off leads, I walk in small well organised groups, I like to make sure my dogs enjoy their walks, are physically and mentally exercised, whilst keeping a close eye on them keeping them safe. 

As a dog walker, I walk in small groups, all my dogs are tagged with my details, I walk mostly off the lead, we go on proper nature walks around the Peak District National Park, the Goyt Valley, Taxal and lots of other places ! Other services include puppy visits and cat sitting, I am DBS check I have a certificate for that, I am a trusted key holder and I am fully insured, Little Happy Hounds is small pet care business based in Chinley, we began life in New Mills back in 2012, I work alone have no employees, offering a more reliable, caring service, pet care in the High Peak Derbyshire, we have clients in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Buxworth, and Whaley Bridge. I used this blog as a way of posting about the business, I also have a proper website, with a gallery, testimonies page and more about the services we provide, we are also on Facebook, you tube and Instagram ! 

Jurassic Holiday

So this last year we did Christmas 2018 a bit differently, we are usually at home and we usually go away for New Year. However this year we went down south, to spend Christmas with some of my immediate family in Portsmouth. So this post in  my blog is about traveling and holidays in England. 

This included my mother, step father, sister, two brothers,  their partners, their partners, my mums very old dog Barney and my brothers doggy Ralph. Anyway it was great Christmas catching up even though we all came down with the dreaded stomach bug doing the rounds. 

West Dorset and New Year. 

After Christmas, we went off to West Dorset to see in the New Year at the Jurassic coast., hired a lovely, rather over priced dog friendly cottage, in the village of Whitchurch Canonicorum, the nearest towns were Bridport and Lyme Regis. What a beautiful area we were staying in, we only had four days so didn’t do half as much as we could of, everything I usually want to do was their, walking, inland hilly walks, beach cliff walks, shopping, countryside, beautiful towns. The highlights being seeing the amazing cliff faces at West Bay, and a walk we did from Burton Bradstock to West Bay, visiting Lyme Regis on New Years Day, found several antique/ junk shops purchased a few trinkets for home, and doing an amazing walk on the Cobb as the sun was setting, I have to say even though we visited when it was rammed with people, Lyme Regis is a really beautiful town.

Another walk we did was to incorporate two hills on one walk, we actually did three hills in total that day as we also did the Golden Cap from sea town, the two hills we did on walk was first Pilsdon Penn and Lewesdon Hill, the latter was tree cladded so not much of a view, wonderful walk back from it to the car threw farm land following foot paths. Pilsdon Penn and lovely views looking over the open countryside.


Pilsdon Penn & Leweson Hill

Of course our little holiday was a dog friendly holiday, we picked the cottage as it had a huge garden which sort of double upped as a meadow, the dog was in heaven sniffing around out there. Everywhere we went we found dog friendly walks, dog friendly shops and cafes. It being late December into January there was no restrictions about dogs on beaches, so lots of opportunity for dogs to walk run jump if need be. So I highly recommend west Dorset. Beyond seeing the family and visiting several beautiful counties, what was really nice was the milder climate we get down south, we were away 11 days in total and the temperature stayed in double figures the entire time we were away plus it didn’t rain.


Chesil Beach

Back to work I go.

Once we got back home I was still off work for four days which was lovely to rest up as we had done so much walking in Dorset. On Saturday had a small gathering at home for some family members and close friends we had not managed to see around Christmas, then I was back in the helm of all things doggy and Little Happy Hounds on Monday. We have had a week of mental weather, rain, fog, mist, cold, mild. I was glad to be back with my dog walking clients, it was only my second week walking our new boy Charlie, a rescued Labrador cross, and he’s really good on walks bless him, he has settled in with Little Happy Hounds, it was nice to be back in the peak district, with the dogs.

:- Pictures above, me at West Bay, various in and around West Bay( top left) and The Cobb at Lyme Regis ( bottom right)



Little Happy Hounds, pet care and dog blog, as a dog walker we I offer quality in our service. We specialise in dog nature walks in and around the Peak District High Peak, we cover Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, other services include cat sitting and puppy visits. 


small and local pet care business.

So although based in Whaley Bridge, we very much cover Chapel-en-le-Frith, I have several regular dog walking clients there and several cats, I run Little Happy Hounds, very much on my own, so no employees, so just have five regular clients here, proximately, is a lot! I also have several dog walking clients in Chinley, and several cat sitting clients in Chinley and Buxworth. As ever we offer dog friendly dog walking services making the most of the beautiful surroundings we live in, my walks include, Fernilee Reservoir, Combs Reservoir, I like to go off the beaten track and take my clients on a proper dog nature walks. We also offer a very caring, exeperienced reliable cat feeding services, we have offered both services in the High Peak since August 2012. Dog walker, puppy visits, Cat sitting, pet care services based in Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire. Other areas we cover are Furness Vale, New Mills, Birch Vale.



so i am off dog walking duties this weekend for easter,  next year i am taking a entire week off, as i have had a really quiet last week leading to Good Friday quite a few of my clients were at home, so with advance notice for next year it will be a good time to take an entire week off, baring in mind i am kind of working this bank holiday weekend with cat visits.  We are looking after all week, till this coming Tuesday, she is twice a day morning and later afternoon, then today Saturday, Easter Sunday and Bank holiday Monday i am looking after a four cat household, think its my third time looking after Rosie, Dusty, Marmaduke, and Scrappy, the first time i looked after them it was just Rosie and Dusty, the boys Marmaduke and Scrappy were sent to cattery, however they came back stressed, so i got to care for all four of them !!

As I said we have been quiet for dog walking, as i have so many off for Easter, not sure if we are taking on new dogs, there are that many new dog walkers around that enquiries have slowed down, the work i am being offered i don’t want, one was can i walk a dog in the evening only, and the other was a Saturday only dog and the other was a Marple based dog. I am not being choosy or picky, when i say, i do not want to commit to every Saturday, i like a day off now and then, i do work weekends for my cats and if my current dog walking clients need me. Dog walking in the evening is something i always shy away from come the long winter i don’t want to be walking in the dark, and as for Marple for the 100 time, we are in Whaley Bridge Derbyshire, as a one man band i can’t go any further than New Mills. sorry.  Anyway as we approach five years in the business of pet care i am very happy with how well Little Happy Hounds and cats are doing, I am excited to see were we will go in the next five years.





Little Happy Cats for pet sitting we cover, Whaley Bridge, New Mills , Chapel-en-le-Frith , Hayfield , Chinley  Furness Vale, High Peak. Fully insured, years of experience, competitively priced, caring cat sitting services. Cat feeding, cat sitting, pet sitting, dog walker, pet care services, based in Whaley Bridge, 

For more information, find us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or email visit our main website for galleries, customer reviews

Little Happy Hounds dog walking and pet sitting services , est.2012.

New Mills, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith,

dog walker, cat feeding, cat sitting pet care services High Peak.

Jabba’s last week.

Sadly for us, happy for him, Jabba, our cavalier dog walking client, is leaving us. This was his last week, this coming Monday is his last ever walk with LHH.

He joined us back in October 2014, as a four month old puppy, I initially had the enquiry  back in August for Puppy visits twice a day, but I obviously could not fit in a puppy visit twice a day, being a one man show. 

So am i not sure who cared for him, when his owners were not around. I do know he was really reserved, even a bit initiated by the other dogs when he came on board. That soon changed and we have had brilliant walks ever since. The one thing i have had to watch Jabba for, and i believe this to be a cavalier trait, is he is very people orientated and will throw himself at anyone and everyone, regardless if they have a dog or not, sometimes my friends come walking with me, and thing i have noticed everyone loves Jabba, he is a loveable little dog, lots of character, i am going to miss his very expressive face, i can tell when he is sulking, or unsure or in a very happy mood, its the way his eyes look, hard to explain.  I am feeling sad writing this, but happy for him, i try and be business headed about these matters, however when your looking after a four month old puppy for two years, one gets very attached.

We wish him well with his new life in New Zealand. Picture below was taken last Thursday, Jabba and his mates Chico, Oscar, Betty, Mario and my dog Scrappy is on the far left leg on his back. Beautiful backdrop of Kinder Scout in the distance with some snow on it. 


Little Happy Hounds and Cats, dog walker, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet sitting, pet care services. Established in 2012, we offer a caring, personalised, experienced service. We don’t have employees or use branded vans, we offer a discreet, personalised service. Covering Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, High Peak.

For prices, services, contact details, find us on Facebook or visit our main website

find us on Facebook.

I started using Facebook back in 2012, to help promote Little Happy Hounds, i then got feed back off my clients, who often check in while they are at work, to see what their happy hounds up too, so its continued very since. I also feel it offers a transparency, a needed transparency in the work i do, which is basically caring for animals.

Little Happy Hounds and Cats, dog walker, cat sitting, pet care services. Established in 2012, we offer a caring, personalised, experienced service. We don’t have employees or use branded vans, we offer a discreet, personalised service. Covering Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, High Peak.

For prices, services, contact details, find us on Facebook or visit our main website


Happy Cats as well.

When I am dog walking taking my clients up Taxal Edge or Lantern Pike, I am also caring for peoples cats, guinea pigs, chickens to name but a few, with Little Happy Cats our pet sitting service.

As well as experience and special one to one care, this service is competitively priced, we are fully insured, and have been caring for pets since 2012. We are Trusted key holders.

Our cat sitting or cat feeding service is available all over High Peak and we also cover Disley and Kettleshulme.

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walker Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield, Whaley Bridge, Buxsworth, Disley, Buxton, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak.


the Goyt Valley

When i first started dog walking back in 2012, for the first year business was very quiet it took a very long time to get established, get a reputation and get word of mouth out there.

Anyway so i had about three clients, one of which was my own dog, and i had so much time, so I could take them to Lyme Park which we did often, and we often Scrappy ( my dog) Lucy ( a lovely black lab from Marple) and any dog i was home boarding at the time would go to the Goyt Valley, Errwood Hall, Fernilee Reservoir.

The Goyt Valley, is just lovely, sandwiched between Buxton and Whaley Bridge it is part of the Peak District National Park Derbyshire, reservoirs, woods, moorland.

Of course now business is booming and on my more busier days I am trying to do four one hour walks a day plus all the travel time and collection and dropping off, so we still go nice places, just nearer to my clients houses, like Eccles Pike, Taxal Edge and i know some nice walks in Birch Vale like Lantern Pike.

Well today however I managed to get five of my dogs for a extended dog walk near Fernilee Reservoir Goyt Valley, it was so nice, it was quiet so my dogs could run about, we did not see another soul ! Its just so nice for my clients, fresh streams, grassy bits, wooded areas, so quiet so they can play, sniff, explore, I will be making a point now of going at least once a week for now on, especially with my Whaley Bridge clients.

Errwood Reservoir in the background

Errwood Reservoir in the background

some of happy hounds walking at the Goyt Valley today

some of happy hounds walking at the Goyt Valley today

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walker Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.

Whaley Bridge

Whaley Bridge is a small town and civil parish in the High Peak district of Derbyshire, England, situated on the River Goyt. Whaley Bridge is approximately 16 miles (26 km) south of Manchester, 7 miles (11 km) north of Buxton, 9 miles (14 km) east of Macclesfield and 28 miles (45 km) west of Sheffield, and had a population of 6,455 at the 2011 census. This includes the village of Furness Vale, which falls within the boundaries of Whaley Bridge. Other districts of ‘Whaley’, as it is known locally, include Horwich End (grid reference SK006806), Bridgemont (SK011825), Fernilee (SK017784) Stoneheads and Taxal.

There is evidence of prehistoric activity in the area, including early Bronze Age standing stones,[3] burial sites[4] and the remains of a stone circle.[5] A bronze-age axe head was discovered in 2005.[6] There has long been speculation that the ‘Roosdyche’, a complex of banks and ditches on the eastern side of the town, is of prehistoric human origin, but investigations in 1962 concluded that it was formed by glacial meltwater.[7]

The name of Weyley or Weylegh appears in many 13th-century documents and is derived from the Anglo Saxon weg leah meaning a clearing by the road.[8] In 1351 the lands of Weyley and Yeardsley were granted to William Joddrell for his faithful service to Edward, the Black Prince. In the 14th century, it housed the residence of William Jauderell and his descendants (the name also spelt Jodrell). The Jodrells continued to call their lands Yeardsley Whaley for centuries and when the first local government board was formed in 1863 and the area became an urban district, the town adopted its popular name of Whaley Bridge and the town has been called so ever since.

The River Goyt formed the historical boundary between Derbyshire and Cheshire. The present town of Whaley Bridge was divided into smaller towns in both counties. Historical records show that in 1316 on the Cheshire side there were Taxal, Yeardsley and Whaley, the last two being combined into one district of ‘Yeardsley-cum-Whaley’. The Derbyshire side consisted only of Fernilee, which included the villages of Shallcross and Horwich. This side was in the parish of Hope and was part of the Forest of High Peak, while the Cheshire side was part of the Forest of Macclesfield. From 1796 Taxal and Yeardsley were effectively joined in that the Jodrell family was the main landowner in both towns, although the administration of these remained separate until 1936.[9]

Until the late 19th century the population of the area grew slowly. For example in the diocesan census in 1563, Taxal is recorded as having 26 households, and by the mid-18th century Taxal and Yeardsley together only reached 55 households. In 1791 land at Whaley Bridge was advertised for sale, the owner believing that its waterpower would be useful in the textile industry, but the two townships remained very small and only had a population of 853 between them by 1841. Up to this time agriculture and coal mining had been the main occupations.

Quoted from

Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring dog walking and Pet Care services’

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