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August in pictures

So in this post just want to highlight our lovely walks and happy hounds, all the photos you are about to see are from our dog walking adventures in and around the Peak District in August 2020. Find me on Facebook to follow our daily adventures.

Our dog walking services are available in the village of Chinley Derbyshire where I am based, I also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, High Peak, fully insured, highly experienced and very caring.  dog walker cat sitting and puppy visits.



LHH June onwards

so corona virus has rendered work quiet for me, I did a extra long walk today for cockapoo sisters Bobbie and Bridie, Norfolk terrier Ozzie and cocker spaniel Monty, it was Montys first day back since lockdown so he was last walked in March ! I mean it could be a lot worse, work is ticking along albeit quietly, tomorrow is the busiest day so for now its feet up and writing posts on my blog especially as its raining ! 


So I initially took four weeks off and reopened putting in strict social distancing measures with my clients, cleaning the van down regularly changing towels and harnesses as much as possible, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better any time soon, apparently death rates of corona are falling, looks like social distancing is here to stay and schools are now staying shut till September so I cant really hang about waiting for normality to come back as its way off, so with little happy hounds being such a small business I will continue to carry on, its business as usual with all our new things in place, so we are in the position to take on new clients, you could find me via our main website or on facebook business page, best way to get old of. me is via email or call 07732265149.

All the photos on this post are from walks done at the end of May early June, we had a week of really hot weather so I was doing water walks for the dogs in the woods lots of shade, with corona all my cat sitting bookings are cancelled, we will have to see what the future brings regarding that, I am still providing dog walks, I did have a cockapoo puppy I was visiting, when he eventually comes back he will be a fully fledged dog !! 


Little Happy hounds, run by just me Aaron, I began the business when we lived in New Mills, we moved to Whaley Bridge, spent half a decade there and then last summer 2019 we opted for a new start quieter life in the near by village of Chinley, its all my dreams come true firstly living in a village not a town and our new house is a very old house and it. happens to in the Peak District National Park Boundary !I still very much cover Whaley Bridge and have lots of clients there we do lots of lovely walks near by! 

I am very lucky and fortunate enough to have lots of lovely long term clients, in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Buxworth, and Whaley Bridge, High Peak. I am DBS checked, a trusted key holder, fully insured, I drive a van with no company details at all offering a more discrete service for when your pet is home alone ! 



Back we go.

So we are now back in business have been for a few weeks now, I am now in the position to take on new clients, 

all new enquiries can either email or 07732265149 or contact me on facebook

So I thought needed a nice new post with nice recent photos of the dogs on there walks all these photos are tom the first week of June 2020. As you can see I like to go on proper dog nature walks around Derbyshire off leads, I walk in small well organised groups, I like to make sure my dogs enjoy their walks, are physically and mentally exercised, whilst keeping a close eye on them keeping them safe. 

As a dog walker, I walk in small groups, all my dogs are tagged with my details, I walk mostly off the lead, we go on proper nature walks around the Peak District National Park, the Goyt Valley, Taxal and lots of other places ! Other services include puppy visits and cat sitting, I am DBS check I have a certificate for that, I am a trusted key holder and I am fully insured, Little Happy Hounds is small pet care business based in Chinley, we began life in New Mills back in 2012, I work alone have no employees, offering a more reliable, caring service, pet care in the High Peak Derbyshire, we have clients in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Buxworth, and Whaley Bridge. I used this blog as a way of posting about the business, I also have a proper website, with a gallery, testimonies page and more about the services we provide, we are also on Facebook, you tube and Instagram ! 


Good lord the weather this weekend, very very wet, has not stopped raining yesterday was more heavy showers today is just constant rain, so very good time to write a post in our Little Happy Hounds blog. 

I am thinking services, so we offer three main pet care services, dog walking puppy visits and cat feeding.  For this post we look at our dog walking services. 



As a dog walker I walk in smalll groups off leads, If a client needs me to have their dog longer than just one walk, I do two walks with travel time it takes up most of the day thats our little happy hounds answer to doggy daycare, eventually I am planning to get a license too do doggy care but it will be very selective just for my clients and it will have to work around my dog, this being his house and his rules, he is old now so its not always fair to have a young dog bouncing at him.

So at the moment we do dog nature walks, proper walks, the one hour begins once we are at the walk and out of the car I don’t count travel time, and on quiet days if it is the last walk we often do longer and I don’t charge any extra for that ! I think a lot of these doggy daycare places, especially the ones inside of industrial units, don’t really give dogs what they need, the great outdoors, time spent in nature, all the smells of the countryside. 


I prefer the dogs off leads, I have seen dog walkers with dogs on and off on the same walk and its not for me, all our clients need too have adequate recall with my younger clients this is something I actively work on. I don’t offer solo one too one walks as such if people want a quieter walk lower numbers my walk number 3 is always a good option, the lunch time walk gets busy on certain days as does my morning walk, my insurance will be let me take 8 dogs, which too me is shocking my maximum is six and thats only if I can go somewhere quiet and depend on which dogs are on that walk I prefer groups of five and fours.

I prefer going interesting areas avoiding low level walks when I can, like too take the dogs hiking, the Goyt valley,  Eccles Pike, Crackern Edge are places I often go, I have also done walks around Hayfield, and Lantern Pike. 


So I have been dog walking professionally now for over 7 years, in that time I think I’ve walked every age, shape, breed of dog going, I have walked black labs, Great Danes crossed with a black lab, a husky dog,  smaller breeds, like chihuahuas, shih tzus, a lot of cockapoos and a lot of cockerspaniels, I have also looked after and walked older dogs, one of my first dog walking clients, in Chapel-en-le-Frith was a older cocker spaniel called Barney,  I then looked after a really old red setter called Ruby and of course their was the lovely Bones, he was some kind of cross a rescue dog he defiantly had German shepherd in him, currently I walk a rescue dog called ruby who is our oldest client at little happy hounds.  Through dog ownership I have expierence caring for dogs even longer than the seven years. 

Screenshot 2018-08-22_20-47-12

If you interested in our dog walking services or cat sitting or puppy visits, you can call me or email me 07732265149 or , we have a main website I also have two Facebook pages little happy cats and little happy hounds,

we have client reviews on the Facebook pages on the main website, on yell, our google listing, and on free business index,

We are based in Chinley, fully insured, trusted key holder, we cover Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Furness Vale, High Peak.

As off the end of 2018 we centralised the business so sadly can no longer cover New Mills, Birch Vale and Hayfield.

Screenshot 2019-07-05_17-30-34-968

cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and three new reviews.

So as well as being busy with the happy hounds, with the dog walking work I do, its now  the end of a busy cat sitting and small pet visits period, we stopped looking after cat  Roary and hamster Bow bow today, and yesterday we did our last visit the duration for cats Noah and Tilly and guinea pig Kevin. On top of that we have also got three new Facebook reviews from pet sitting clients, in the last week.   With all our pet care services, I offer care, experience, and extra personal touch being a small business, I pride myself in my reliability, and love and care I provide for the pets I look after, I. have now been a pet sitter dog walker for six years this August, we began life back in 2012.

So both households, Roary and Bow Bow and Noah Tilly and Kevin got one daily visit, Roary was a a 10 day cat sitting gig and Noah and co was just the weekend, Friday to Sunday, one based in Whaley Bridge the other in Chapel-en-le-Frith, I also have cat sitting pet sitting clients in New Mills, Furness Vale, Chinley and Buxworth, High Peak. Anyway below are some screen shot of the reviews from our Facebook pages Little Happy Cats and Little Happy Hounds and also some pics of Roary , Noah, Bow Bow and Kevin ! 

small and local pet care business.

So although based in Whaley Bridge, we very much cover Chapel-en-le-Frith, I have several regular dog walking clients there and several cats, I run Little Happy Hounds, very much on my own, so no employees, so just have five regular clients here, proximately, is a lot! I also have several dog walking clients in Chinley, and several cat sitting clients in Chinley and Buxworth. As ever we offer dog friendly dog walking services making the most of the beautiful surroundings we live in, my walks include, Fernilee Reservoir, Combs Reservoir, I like to go off the beaten track and take my clients on a proper dog nature walks. We also offer a very caring, exeperienced reliable cat feeding services, we have offered both services in the High Peak since August 2012. Dog walker, puppy visits, Cat sitting, pet care services based in Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire. Other areas we cover are Furness Vale, New Mills, Birch Vale.


What a day happy Monday

So my new week got off to hectic start with another snow day on this very cold Monday. I knew it was not a good sign when one of my neighbours was stuck in the road in his car outside of my house first thing. So as a dog walker my life gets the tiny bit more complicated when we get snow.

I spent about 15 minutes shovelling snow off the drive, the car and road outside my house. So I did get quite a few texts off clients, one did cancel due to his access, it was terrifying driving around Whaley Bridge. The first walk, I left the car on Chapel Road and walked to another clients, who have a huge field behind their house so we did the first walk in that field. Pippa a westie puppy I walk was having major troubles with snow sticking to her fur so we did do a slightly shorter walk. With one cancellation I decided to condense walks 2 and 3 and just do one more walk.  It was with two Whaley Bridge clients, Amy and Ruby I usually do as a third walk, and Chinley dogs, Fritz and Ozzie. We had a lovely walk in the snow near Wash Derbyshire. The main roads were fine however a lot of places where my clients  live are down hazardous lanes, and a lot of my dog friendly walks are off the beaten track so when we get snow I do loose them. The actual walking in the snow I love the driving not so much ! Little Happy Hounds, cat sitting, dog walking High Peak, we have clients in Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, and Furness Vale.  Find us on Facebook.

Autumnal Hounds,

Its been a great week, for being a dog walker, sun has been shinning in the High Peak, we have had some great dog walks, the Goyt Valley, Lantern Pike, woodland walks has been the theme of the week for our little happy hounds. We had extra dogs booked in some casual clients of mine Jackson and Jasper, two cavalier brothers, I see them a few times a year they are very sweet, they have been booked in for dog walks of two weeks. With our Whaley Bridge dogs, which is usually my morning walk and my last walk, we have had walks at Fernilee and Taxal. With our Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley and New Mills dog we have done walks up Lantern Pike in Birch Vale, and we have also been on Hayfield walks. Anyway the pic below are a best of the week snap shot of our doggy adventures, find us on social media, we are on Instagram, twitter and Facebook link below

we also have a main website with our reviews, services,

find us on Facebook.

I started using Facebook back in 2012, to help promote Little Happy Hounds, i then got feed back off my clients, who often check in while they are at work, to see what their happy hounds up too, so its continued very since. I also feel it offers a transparency, a needed transparency in the work i do, which is basically caring for animals.

Little Happy Hounds and Cats, dog walker, cat sitting, pet care services. Established in 2012, we offer a caring, personalised, experienced service. We don’t have employees or use branded vans, we offer a discreet, personalised service. Covering Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Buxworth, High Peak.

For prices, services, contact details, find us on Facebook or visit our main website


Little Happy Hounds High Peak

Little Happy Hounds, cat sitting, dog walker and pet sitting services, Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire, we cover High Peak, Furness Vale, Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield, Birch Vale, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith. Fully insured, CRB checked, we offer caring bespoke established dog walking and pet care services. Competitively priced, highly caring and experienced, established in 2012. Dog Sitting, cat feeding, puppy visits, small pet visits.

Toddbrook with Amy