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August happy hounds new beginnings.

Not blogged for ages ! Little Happy Hound is doing very well, after the covid-19 pandemic and I am glad to report my small. business is almost out the woods now, its been an interesting last few months, new dog walking clients, new cat clients, returning cat clients, long term dogs leaving, new reviews and all in all things are going extremeley well. 

So I think our last new dog I blogged about was Zelda the bassetoodle, since then we now have Toby the Bichon-Frise and now we have new golden doodle Maude, I also have a new dog lined up to join us in September and most recently I got a dog walking enquiry today I am going to meet them  tomorrow ‘Thursday’  and the dog is starting her walks on Friday! So since March we have had seven new dogs join us at LHH or will do very soon. 


new client Toby Bichon

So I finally heard from some clients that I had not heard from since before the lockdown six months ago, three of our regulars from two households have left the LHH building for. various reasons due to the covid-19 pandemic, we wish them well. 

We also got a new cat sitting client Horace, I looked after him last week, he lives just around the corner from me in Chinley, he is a rescue cat from the RSPCA not been with his current family very long, has a lot of health issues, but it was fine looking after him, he needs supplements and medicines added to his diet, I looked after him twice a day for a week, then we also got a returning clients Poppy and Scamp booked in for the end of August and a very last minute cat sitting gig is starting this Saturday another new cat sitting client of mine again I Chinley I looked after their beautiful cats Fridgey and Lupo for the first time in February this year and now again from Saturday !! 

Screenshot 2020-08-10_17-48-03-486

new reviews

I have had some lovely new reviews on Facebook page and on our listing the freebuisness index, big thanks again to all the clients who are supporting me as a small business. 

And lastly  we have been having some amazing dogs walks as business is quiet I’ve been doing slightly longer walks on some days, as I have less dogs in my walking groups we have been able to do different walks, as the constraints of a bigger group isn’t there, like doing walks that require on and off leads, because of roads, cattle etc I wont usually do these walks with big groups but with smaller groups much easier, cant see me wanting to take more than five out maximum again, definitely no more groups of six thats for sure.

So nearly all our new dogs have come from Whaley Bridge with one being from Bridgemont, just after Whaley, I also cover Chinley where I am now based, I also have dog walking and cat siting clients in Chapel-en-le-Frith and Buxworth which are all areas I cover in and around Chinley High Peak, as of 2018 we stopped covering New Mills, Hayfield and Birch Vale and centralised the business, 

Little Happy Hounds has now been in operation for 8 years in this area, with all our new clients I feel like we are about to start a new chapter and I am definitely looking forward to the next 8 years, as a dog walker I walk in small well organised groups, off leads, when its safe to do so, we also offer a very experienced, very caring puppy visits services, and our personalised cat feeding service, little happy cats. As a small local business, I just cover the local area around Chinley, Whaley and Chapel, I have no employees at all, offering a more caring, more personal touch to the services I offer for all my lovely clients, I am fully insured, with pet plan sanctuary, I am DBS checked, I have a clean driving license, I drive a unbranded van to offer for more discretion for when I collect your pet or feed your cat for when your not home. 


Maude and Zelda new clients

if you have an enquiry for me for dog walking puppy visits or cat sitting services, find me on Facebook, or visit the main website

you can also email me 

or call me 0773226549, be sure to leave a detailed voice mail and I will get back to you, 

What a day happy Monday

So my new week got off to hectic start with another snow day on this very cold Monday. I knew it was not a good sign when one of my neighbours was stuck in the road in his car outside of my house first thing. So as a dog walker my life gets the tiny bit more complicated when we get snow.

I spent about 15 minutes shovelling snow off the drive, the car and road outside my house. So I did get quite a few texts off clients, one did cancel due to his access, it was terrifying driving around Whaley Bridge. The first walk, I left the car on Chapel Road and walked to another clients, who have a huge field behind their house so we did the first walk in that field. Pippa a westie puppy I walk was having major troubles with snow sticking to her fur so we did do a slightly shorter walk. With one cancellation I decided to condense walks 2 and 3 and just do one more walk.  It was with two Whaley Bridge clients, Amy and Ruby I usually do as a third walk, and Chinley dogs, Fritz and Ozzie. We had a lovely walk in the snow near Wash Derbyshire. The main roads were fine however a lot of places where my clients  live are down hazardous lanes, and a lot of my dog friendly walks are off the beaten track so when we get snow I do loose them. The actual walking in the snow I love the driving not so much ! Little Happy Hounds, cat sitting, dog walking High Peak, we have clients in Whaley Bridge, New Mills, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, and Furness Vale.  Find us on Facebook.

busy busy.

So not wrote any posts for a few weeks last few weeks of March into early April have been a world wind, personally and professionally. I turned 37, then my dog turned 8, we then took a long weekend away to Anglesey, first weekend of April. A lovely client of mine loaned me their lovely holiday home, i have never been Anglesey it was great we had sunny weather and the Island is blessed with beautiful beaches, we loved all of Anglesey we saw but were particularly blown away by the North coast, national trust beaches, and walks and its just so scenic. My kind of holiday, very dog friendly, lots of awesome walks, and amazing beaches.



Once home late on Tuesday eve, i was back to work, Wednesday to Sunday were a blur, feeding cats, at the weekend, on Saturday i was asked to walk my dog client Mario, we ended up taking him and my dog up Kinder Scout, 4.5 hour walk, went to Kinder Downfall, Mermaids pool, it was really hot weather never seen Kinder that busy at the top !! We also looked after new cat sitting client Roary, he has been booked in for two week cat sitting gig for July, so had not actually gotten around to meeting him, last minute they needed me last weekend so, went to meet him, and looked after for a two days. Hes very sweet, very friendly. They also have a dog, very cute Pug called Pugsley, so i maybe giving him the occasionally visit watch this space.


Mario and Scrappy up Kinder.

So i have decided 2017 is going to  be my fitness year. As ever the distinctions between my personal life and my job are very blurred, so in both instances, i am gong to be doing a lot more walking, and a lot more cycling. It started a few weeks back, i started cycling a few days a week to my last walk and back home again, and on Saturday just gone going on a a doggy hike up Kinder Scout. I have been very quiet this week, as i have five teachers on my books all of whom are off for Easter, this is not a complaint, as i am rather enjoying talking smaller groups out.  I have a few cats booked in so it all balances out, at the moment i am using my early finishes to do paper work, i caught up with all manner of things, last few days it being the end of the financial year, i did two 1.5 hour walks today, visited cat, answered emails, cleaned my house, and on top of all of that, i managed to get blogging again and here we are


new client Roary


For more information, find us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or email visit our main website for galleries, customer reviews

Little Happy Hounds dog walking and pet sitting services , est.2012.

New Mills, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith,

dog walker, cat feeding, cat sitting pet care services High Peak.

High Peak 2017

As ever we have been going on some great walks with the dogs, aka the happy hounds, we have dog walking clients in Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Hayfield, New Mills High Peak. We offer group walks, when it is safe to do so, we walk off leads,

13494879_1231330493568330_453385555185495478_nwe offer company, exercise, and socialising for your dog, should you be out at work or I have clients that work from home and they use LHH as a place were their dogs can meet other dogs on countryside walks we go on.  Most days I do three walks a late morning to lunch time walk the lunch time walk and the last walk, i would struggle to fit anymore than three walks in, as the one hour starts when we get on the walk, i don’t include the travel. On quieter days when the weathers good walks sometimes go on longer than an hour.  

We go all sorts of places, Eccles Pike, Lantern Pike, Toddbrook Reservoir Whaley Bridge, making the most of the fabulous peak district countryside, 

Little Happy Hounds has been in business since August 2012, we have reviews on our main website and on both Facebook pages, little happy cats and little happy hounds. We are fully insured, trusted key holder, years of experience. At the moment we have no employees, so all the work is done by myself to offer the maximum personalised service i can. 

For more information, find us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or email visit our main website for galleries, customer reviews

New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith,

dog walker, cat feeding, cat sitting pet care services High Peak.

Happy Cats as well.

When I am dog walking taking my clients up Taxal Edge or Lantern Pike, I am also caring for peoples cats, guinea pigs, chickens to name but a few, with Little Happy Cats our pet sitting service.

As well as experience and special one to one care, this service is competitively priced, we are fully insured, and have been caring for pets since 2012. We are Trusted key holders.

Our cat sitting or cat feeding service is available all over High Peak and we also cover Disley and Kettleshulme.

Little Happy Hounds

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Chinley, New Mills, Hayfield, Whaley Bridge, Buxsworth, Disley, Buxton, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak.



As dog walker its important for me to get my clients out some where they can be off leads, play safely, away from busy roads, sheep etc. I try and make the walks interesting with varied terrain, trees, grass, small brooks and streams a must in the summer.

In the summer and school holidays in general it can be tricky to find quiet places, as i tend to avoid the crowds, as a lot of my dogs are young and if you have four of them, it can upset people, even though I have them under control.

High Peak is amazing area lots of rural spots to go to, I tend to prefer walking in and around Whaley Bridge as we have Taxal Edge, my other favourite places are Lantern Pike, and up by New Mills golf course. Dog walking is a lot different here then Marple say, its much more rural here and there is a lot more countryside to explore.

one of yesterdays walks

one of yesterdays walks

Little Happy Hounds

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Todays snow dogs

Today was a beautiful snow filled dog walking day for me, with walks in New Mills, Birch Vale, Whaley Bridge, and Chapel Milton, High Peak, Derbyshire. As a dog walker in January its a welcomed break from the mud we had on Friday, I have lots of spare coats in my car for my clients for occasions like this, should they need one so we wrapped up and warm and embraced the snow.




Birch Vale

Birch Vale

Jabba Oscar and Hollie

Jabba Oscar and Hollie



Little Happy Hounds

‘Professional, Established, Caring, Pet Care services’

Dog Walking Cat Sitting Puppy Visits.