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August in pictures

So in this post just want to highlight our lovely walks and happy hounds, all the photos you are about to see are from our dog walking adventures in and around the Peak District in August 2020. Find me on Facebook to follow our daily adventures.

Our dog walking services are available in the village of Chinley Derbyshire where I am based, I also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, High Peak, fully insured, highly experienced and very caring.  dog walker cat sitting and puppy visits.



LHH June onwards

so corona virus has rendered work quiet for me, I did a extra long walk today for cockapoo sisters Bobbie and Bridie, Norfolk terrier Ozzie and cocker spaniel Monty, it was Montys first day back since lockdown so he was last walked in March ! I mean it could be a lot worse, work is ticking along albeit quietly, tomorrow is the busiest day so for now its feet up and writing posts on my blog especially as its raining ! 


So I initially took four weeks off and reopened putting in strict social distancing measures with my clients, cleaning the van down regularly changing towels and harnesses as much as possible, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better any time soon, apparently death rates of corona are falling, looks like social distancing is here to stay and schools are now staying shut till September so I cant really hang about waiting for normality to come back as its way off, so with little happy hounds being such a small business I will continue to carry on, its business as usual with all our new things in place, so we are in the position to take on new clients, you could find me via our main website or on facebook business page, best way to get old of. me is via email or call 07732265149.

All the photos on this post are from walks done at the end of May early June, we had a week of really hot weather so I was doing water walks for the dogs in the woods lots of shade, with corona all my cat sitting bookings are cancelled, we will have to see what the future brings regarding that, I am still providing dog walks, I did have a cockapoo puppy I was visiting, when he eventually comes back he will be a fully fledged dog !! 


Little Happy hounds, run by just me Aaron, I began the business when we lived in New Mills, we moved to Whaley Bridge, spent half a decade there and then last summer 2019 we opted for a new start quieter life in the near by village of Chinley, its all my dreams come true firstly living in a village not a town and our new house is a very old house and it. happens to in the Peak District National Park Boundary !I still very much cover Whaley Bridge and have lots of clients there we do lots of lovely walks near by! 

I am very lucky and fortunate enough to have lots of lovely long term clients, in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Buxworth, and Whaley Bridge, High Peak. I am DBS checked, a trusted key holder, fully insured, I drive a van with no company details at all offering a more discrete service for when your pet is home alone ! 




The House of Happy Hounds offering pet care services in the High Peak for almost 8 years now !! I am just a honest guy, a animal lover, originally from the northeast I have lived in the Peaks now since 2005. And have been dog walking and cat sitting around here since the summer of 2012 offering a very caring, experienced, trusted service for all my wonderful clients. We have centralised the business and as of 2018 I stopped covering the vicinity of New Mills which included Hayfield and Birch Vale, just to cut back on the travel I was doing in the van, I just cover Chinley, where I live, Chapel, Whaley and Buxworth, 

So we are currently in lockdown, I am now walking a few clients that need me each week, when It comes to new dog walking enquiries, cat sitting enquires if you could email with details and if I can help I will ad you to a list and contact everyone when we open back up properly. With the corona virus pandemic going on and I do not want new clients for the time being. 

At Little Happy Hounds, we offer a very reliable, very experienced, selection of pet care services. I am a very small business with no employees, offering a more personalised, service. At Little Happy Hounds, we offer dog walking, cat sitting and puppy visits, in the High Peak, Derbyshire. I am based in the village of Chinley and cover all the nearby towns like Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, I also cover Buxworth as well as Chinley.


With our dog services as a dog walker, we walk in small organised groups, all my clients are off leads, when its safe to do so, we like to go interesting places off the beaten track to make the walk more exciting for our dogs, I like tire them not just physically but mentally with lots of socialising, lots of interesting smells, and lots of time off lead, its the Little Happy Hounds standard since we began life in 2012.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram and we also have a main website link below. I am police checked, fully insured, a trusted key holder.


Good bye good March 2020.

So a lot has happened for Little Happy Hounds since my last post and indeed  the world. Last week I ceased working following Government advice and went into lockdown to stay safe and stop the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic. 

Annoyingly and perhaps ironically,  business was booming, even in the face of all the new dog walkers in their bright shinny branded vans, everywhere I turn there is a dog walker these days, we even have dog walkers from miles away in different counties bringing their dog clients into Derbyshire to gain from the high peak councils non restrictive rules about how many dogs you can take out at anyone time,  these businesses are separate from mine as they about financial gain and maximising profits, I am about looking after dogs going on long walks, I never ever make a decision with money in mind !! I feel like my clients are peoples children and not a commodity item.

I was doing really well through word of mouth clients where recommending me to friends but also another dog walker also got me a new regular dog walking client, greatly appreciated, we had a new puppy, new dog walking clients several new cat sitting clients and then just like that I was stopped in my tracks by lock down. 

So most the dog walkers I know and follow have ceased operation, locally but also up and down the UK, with just a few still going, it was predictable to see who would still keep going. I have a key worker on my books, however most my clients where working from home, so following on what the government said I closed down, two Mondays ago. Beyond that I was just not comfortable, going from peoples homes, taking the dogs out and running into people getting to close. The other issue is I have lost a lot of quiet dogs walking spots, for various reasons, I keep seeing  dog walkers on social media still walking round parts of the Goyt Valley which are now strictly no dogs off leads till 31st of July for ground nesting birds,  these dog walkers with their huge groups of dogs all off leads !!! I personally don’t think the birds need 100s 100s 100s of acres of land, eccles pike the entire Goyt Valley,  not to mention Castle Naze which is also permanently has a no dog rule, but rules are rules at the end of the day, so for me to be following this rule struggling with my dogs with where to go and then the newbies coming along and just ignoring the rules, discounting it, its not fair but much  worse than that its just so soul destroying, ours is a trade that needs much more stricter rules.  In this scenario I always have to follow my own advice if I don’t rate the dog walker I stay off their social media, its so much easier that way,  I personally rate and am friends with lots of local dog walkers, which is great, however you cant rate and like everyone !! 

I do understand why some people have kept going, with the Government not helping self employed people until June !  I totally get why some people have had to keep going, for me I am married, we own our house outright my partner has a good job, I have savings for a few months at least ,so for me to carry on walking would of been unethical and a bit greedy, beyond all of that I needed a break ! 

So the uncertainty is an issue, even if Little Happy Hounds comes back after all of this I predict a quiet spell, I know some of my clients have been given their redundancy notice so I am uncertain of firstly when we will be coming back, secondly if I am coming back and  thirdly if I do comeback how the economy might be and how many clients I may loose. The enormity of the situation will have ramifications for all of us for many months too come. So we have no idea how long we will all be in lockdown for I think the news said their are signs the virus spreading is slowing down in the UK, this is week two of lockdown, I know Wuhan China were all this began, had a much more stricter lockdown but the entire place was closed for six weeks !! 

My holiday plans this year have all gone up in smoke of course, I was suppose to be going to Whitby next week we booked a beautiful cottage and we where going away to celebrate my fortieth birthday’ which was last week’ so we have now   rescheduled the cottage for September. I wanted to see that East Yorkshire coast line I have  never been, to Whitby and Robinhoods Bay, spend a week walking near the coast total bliss my dog will love it.  I now plan to cancel my other weeks off in July and August  and just take the week of in September! 

So yes what a year 2020 has been,  as a dog walker in the almost eight years of existence this is by far the worse thing to ever of happened. My heart goes out to the families of the 1000s of people this virus has taken, hope we will beat this and have a vaccine before to long ! So I will leave this here, stay safe everyone, I will be updating my facebook pages and Instagram ! Be sure to find our little happy hounds page ! 

Little Happy Hounds, based in Chinley Derbyshire the Peak District, our pet care services include cat sitting, puppy visits, dog walking, fully insured years and years of hands on experience, very reliable, caring DBS checked, trusted key holder, we began life back in New Mills in August 2012 my emphasis as a pet care business is to take the dogs on proper long one hour walks, and to provide a very personalised and caring cat feeding service.

. We cover High Peak, Chinley,  Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Furness Vale and Chapel-en-le-Frith

seven years of pet care

So in the summer just gone in August we celebrated seven years of Little Happy Hounds too put things in prospective its the longest job I have ever had, I have been a dog walker for most of my dogs life he was about 3 I think when we began I think ! 

Things are still nice and steady at LHH, I am a small business so my over heads are not a lot, I have some really wonderful clients on my books humans and their pets, this years dogs we have taken on have been amazing a pleasure too look after, Roxy a springer spaniel, Finn a sprocker , Toby a cavestie, and ad-hoc doggy Lyra a Rottie cross, Gracie and Max both cockapoo puppies  ! There have been some lovely new cat sitting clients  this year I am hoping will be returning clients too many too list name wise! 


new van 

All in all as 2019 is grinding too a end, its been a okay year for LHH I had too say bye too a few much loved clients as I tried too centralise the business, which was horrible very emotional as I get very attached especially a full time client I have looked after since being a puppy. But onwards and upwards, I have a new van so its enjoyable driving around without water leaking on my head, I loved my old car but I did not look after it and it had lots of issues, so I was glad to see the back of it, I feel like seven years has refreshed me refreshed work new van and I am looking forward too 2020 and the next seven years of Little happy Hounds. With our pet care services we cover Chinley were we live, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, dog walking, pet sitting, cat visits, and puppy visits. As a dog walker I walk in small groups, I am fully insured, trusted key holder, insured, reliable and experienced.

Below photos of Finn Toby and Max. 


My week in pictures.

So I only post a few photos on blogs as its very time consuming, too follow our Little Happy Hounds adventures in full visit our Facebook page

we also have a little happy cats Facebook page, twitter youtube and Instagram.

So last week I took so many great shots I am guessing as we had so many great walks, the week started out hot and sunny and then rest of the week was showers, Fridays first walk was when I realized all of a sudden how autumnal its getting. I walk two dogs sisters, and when I can I prefer walking them 1-2-1 or with my dog not in group just because one of them is older and a rescue dog so is sometimes nervous, anyway too make life easier for me we did a unheard of at LHH towers lower level walk along the Peak Forest Canal to Bugworth basin, it rained, but I was struck at the autumn colours, the trees against the colour of green water in the canal and all of sudden autumn has arrived in the High Peak.

Earlier in the week we enjoyed walks at The Goyt Valley, Taxal and Eccles Pike. I got my new work van Sunday eve so was rather thrown in the deep end with it, having too start my working week on a very busy Monday in a new car it was not easy, especially when I was very late all day Monday, and not my fault either. As a dog walker I love autumn everywhere is that little bit more quieter its cooler for the dogs.

Anyway photos are just a select few of this week ! find us on Facebook to follow our journey in full.  More photos below , 

If you have a enquiry for Little happy Hounds for any of our pet care services, like dog walking , puppy visits or cat sitting just drop me a email or call me on 07732265149 or visit the main website I have testimonies, gallery,, service information.

We cover Chinley, Buxworth, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge and Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak Derbyshire. 

cockapoo new review

so recently I got a new recommendation on our Facebook page screen shot below for the two cockapoo sisters I walk Bobbie and Bridie. 

I now see the girls twice a week it was for the lats five years five times a week, as a dog walker I walk in small groups, off leads, I am fully insured and little happy hounds has been walking dogs around these parts since 2012. 


b&B new recommendation.

I like to go interesting places with the dogs, Goyt Valley, Eccles Pike, Crackern Edge, are just some of my favourites, dog walking offers your dog time to socialise with other dogs, breaks up a long time at home alone, I am fully insured, experienced in walking dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages, however we specialise in the care for smaller breed dogs,

For prices, galleries testimonies and contact details please visit our main website

As of 2018 we centralised, an

d no longer cover New Mills, Birch Vale Hayfield, I now just have dog walking clients and cat sitting clients in Chinley, were I am based, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth and Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak Derbyshire.



Chinley Little Happy Hounds.

so I have been writing posts on my other blog that is part of my website more than this blog, at I am always posting on the Little Happy Hounds and Little Happy Cats Facebook pages, Instagram and youtube, its a been a great summer I am glad we have entered autumn its my favourite time of year, at Little Happy Hounds, I am now based in Chinley, I have been walking dogs and doing cat visits in Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, Whaley Bridge and New Mills since August 2012, I am fully insured, reliable, a small reliable caring pet care company! As a dog walker I walk in small groups off leads, 



So life in Chinley and work at Little Happy Hounds is plodding along nicely, we are really happy with our new house we have great neighbours, ,massive garden and I have say Chinley is such a lovely small quaint village, so many lovely walks right on our doorstep, I was off work last week holiday time and we had a amazing walk from the house to Edale and got the train back.

We had a nice August at Little Happy Hounds, I had a few cat sitting jobs, Several new ones, one just ended yesterday, beautiful black cat called Chloe, the other 14 day one I am in the middle of for Scamp and Poppy two cats I took on last year, other newbies was a beautiful Bengal called Nesta.  I have had non stop cat sitting enquiries from New Mills, sadly I just can’t cover this area anymore as a small business, its taking me all day to cover Chapel, Whaley Bridge Chinley, with my dog clients and cats with out also going to New Mills so it has been a flat no and I have recommended other people, my last two new cats were Furness Vale and Buxworth, so I very much only cover in and around Chinley.


Ozzie up Eccles


So beyond non stop enquiries I can’t do, a very wet summer and a possible dam breech, my dogs health was not great he is better now, apart from all of that all in all things have been great, new dog walking clients Gracie and Toby are doing well on walks, I am enjoying being able to walk a lot more around this side of things now I have moved aways from the New Mills Hayfield vicinity, over the summer and into September I have taken the dogs to Goyt Valley, Eccles Pike, Taxal, Crackern Edge, Combs Reservoir, High Peak Derbyshire. 

Pictures are from last few days, find me on Facebook or visit our main website


pretty kitty Chloe

new beginnings

So a lot has happened in the last few weeks, we finally moved house, our new house, new lifestyle is more amazing than I ever could of imagined, the new house has so much character, we have amazing neighbours, the location is amazing we are now in a village the house is actually in the Peak District national park, we are not far from village centre but on a quiet lane, its just amazing, on top of all of that we have the fantasy garden we both always wanted, and all this is not just because we both work hard; its also karma, when your unhappy with your environment it attacks everything and its easy to get bogged down and fall apart at a the scenarios around you, but I kept strong, kept my faith that the universe would make it right for us, and lord and behold we are being rewarded in abundance, I wont go on as I am a big believer in keeping all the good things and what we have been through well and truly to myself, the proof is all around me in how much reward we are getting. 

After being rewarded I like to give back in abundance, so I have been doing selfless acts of kindness whenever I can, I have done several things this week for friends and also small businesses, as it feels good to be nice. 

So during the months of March April and May my little pet care business has taken a back burner, I was not happy with our living environment so my work environment suffered, I looked after my regulars, we took on two new doggies, and a cat but I turned down a lot of work,  a lot of work, some of it was not the right the fit the others I just did not have the energy, now I have a week off in our new home, getting sorted, I am feeling full of beans and I am raring to get back to work tomorrow. 

You can follow Little Happy Hounds, and Little Happy cats adventures on youtube, twitter, Instagram and we have two Facebook pages, I am now running two more Instagram pages, the life of scraps , my dogs new Instagram, a a village life, which is my personal journey into a new chapter of my life, living in a village living in the countryside, there is going to be a lot of walking, cooking and gardening posts on that one. Pics below is our new home, we have gone from detached, modern 1970s house, double drive, garage massive kitchen, to a stone terraced house, with a massive terrace garden, its got really tall ceilings, and so much space, the garden is flanked by a field on two sides, so its peaceful and quiet, very happy times lie a head. 


Come in August Little Happy Hounds, will be seven years old, I started my business from scratch, in New Mills, taking whatever work I could get, from little acorns become strong oak trees, in 2014 we moved to Whaley Bridge, and centralised, stopped covering Stockport, Marple Strines, Disley etc. At the back end of 2018 I stopped covering New Mills, with traffic increase on A6 I had more than enough work in Whaley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth and Chinley, with so many other dog walkers in New Mills, it seemed silly business wise to keep the few clients I had still in and around New Mills, this decision was not easy as the clients I had had been with me since the ver beginning and I had strong emotional attachments, however I am running a business a one man show and I need to preserve my energy and not getting stressed and for me that means less driving, so half way into 2019 my work life balance is finally amazing, for cat sitting, puppy visits, dog walking we cover Chinley were I am now located, we also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, and Buxworth High Peak.  I walk in small groups mostly off lead, my walks include, Combs, Goyt Valley , Fernilee , Taxal Edge, my ethos since day one is to offer a off the beaten track kind of walk, to walk in small groups, and take the dogs on proper nature walks. In the beginning I was walking in Brabyns Park with my only client Lucy watching the other dog walkers, taking out 8 dogs at a time, keeping them on leads and messing about on their phones, I took all this in and decided I did not want to walk in busy crowded parks, didn’t want to take that many dogs out at once, and I have stuck to my guns, seven years in, as a dog walker I offer a very caring, personalised service, I have very close bonds with all my dogs.

kitties Flash & Phoebe and puppy Max the cockapoo

So three clients I have cared for recently have been kitty duo Flash and Phoebe and puppy Max a cockapoo. This post on the blog is about the cat care and dog care I provide at Little Happy Hounds, est. 2012.

So I have looked after Flash and Phoebe a few times since last year mostly short cat sitting durations, and longer cat sitting durations, they are still young cats so. have grown a lot since I started looking after them last year, pictures are from last weekend. I took some amazing cat photos of Flash, such a stunning cat completely white and he has a black tail, he loves to pose I have noticed, Phoebe and Flash are both so tactile, playful and very sweet kitty cats,

so earlier in the year puppy Max joined us he is about 5 months old, full of energy highly excitable always a joy to walk, I walk Max twice a week now, he started out as twice a day puppy visits twice a week and as he got older he has joined the dog walks.

all pictures are from this week. with all our pet care services we cover the areas of Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High peak. fully insured, we offer dog walker, puppy visits , cat feeding and smaller pet visits.