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August in pictures

So in this post just want to highlight our lovely walks and happy hounds, all the photos you are about to see are from our dog walking adventures in and around the Peak District in August 2020. Find me on Facebook to follow our daily adventures.

Our dog walking services are available in the village of Chinley Derbyshire where I am based, I also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, High Peak, fully insured, highly experienced and very caring.  dog walker cat sitting and puppy visits.



August happy hounds new beginnings.

Not blogged for ages ! Little Happy Hound is doing very well, after the covid-19 pandemic and I am glad to report my small. business is almost out the woods now, its been an interesting last few months, new dog walking clients, new cat clients, returning cat clients, long term dogs leaving, new reviews and all in all things are going extremeley well. 

So I think our last new dog I blogged about was Zelda the bassetoodle, since then we now have Toby the Bichon-Frise and now we have new golden doodle Maude, I also have a new dog lined up to join us in September and most recently I got a dog walking enquiry today I am going to meet them  tomorrow ‘Thursday’  and the dog is starting her walks on Friday! So since March we have had seven new dogs join us at LHH or will do very soon. 


new client Toby Bichon

So I finally heard from some clients that I had not heard from since before the lockdown six months ago, three of our regulars from two households have left the LHH building for. various reasons due to the covid-19 pandemic, we wish them well. 

We also got a new cat sitting client Horace, I looked after him last week, he lives just around the corner from me in Chinley, he is a rescue cat from the RSPCA not been with his current family very long, has a lot of health issues, but it was fine looking after him, he needs supplements and medicines added to his diet, I looked after him twice a day for a week, then we also got a returning clients Poppy and Scamp booked in for the end of August and a very last minute cat sitting gig is starting this Saturday another new cat sitting client of mine again I Chinley I looked after their beautiful cats Fridgey and Lupo for the first time in February this year and now again from Saturday !! 

Screenshot 2020-08-10_17-48-03-486

new reviews

I have had some lovely new reviews on Facebook page and on our listing the freebuisness index, big thanks again to all the clients who are supporting me as a small business. 

And lastly  we have been having some amazing dogs walks as business is quiet I’ve been doing slightly longer walks on some days, as I have less dogs in my walking groups we have been able to do different walks, as the constraints of a bigger group isn’t there, like doing walks that require on and off leads, because of roads, cattle etc I wont usually do these walks with big groups but with smaller groups much easier, cant see me wanting to take more than five out maximum again, definitely no more groups of six thats for sure.

So nearly all our new dogs have come from Whaley Bridge with one being from Bridgemont, just after Whaley, I also cover Chinley where I am now based, I also have dog walking and cat siting clients in Chapel-en-le-Frith and Buxworth which are all areas I cover in and around Chinley High Peak, as of 2018 we stopped covering New Mills, Hayfield and Birch Vale and centralised the business, 

Little Happy Hounds has now been in operation for 8 years in this area, with all our new clients I feel like we are about to start a new chapter and I am definitely looking forward to the next 8 years, as a dog walker I walk in small well organised groups, off leads, when its safe to do so, we also offer a very experienced, very caring puppy visits services, and our personalised cat feeding service, little happy cats. As a small local business, I just cover the local area around Chinley, Whaley and Chapel, I have no employees at all, offering a more caring, more personal touch to the services I offer for all my lovely clients, I am fully insured, with pet plan sanctuary, I am DBS checked, I have a clean driving license, I drive a unbranded van to offer for more discretion for when I collect your pet or feed your cat for when your not home. 


Maude and Zelda new clients

if you have an enquiry for me for dog walking puppy visits or cat sitting services, find me on Facebook, or visit the main website

you can also email me 

or call me 0773226549, be sure to leave a detailed voice mail and I will get back to you, 

local pet services FAB-UARY.

So work the business that is Little Happy Hounds is booming, got new clients that are a dream, taking new cat sitting bookings with all the new dog walkers coming into the area with loudly branded over compensating vans I am able to keep doing what I do discreetly and its still working we are still getting new enquiries I feel very fortunate indeed. 

So new dog Peanut has come into my life two miles down the road from me based in Buxworth she is 8 months old brave well socialsied much loved border terrier, I love her and all my dog walking regulars love her just two walks in I can see her fitting into nicely in the way I do things at Little Happy Hounds. 

As a local dog walker, I only cover the immediate local area to me, so in and around Chinley, I cover Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, and Chapel-en-le-Frith I also have some cat sitting clients in Furness Vale, I cant  cover Dove Holes or Buxton as its just a little bit too. far out form the other clients and as of 2018 we stopped covering the New Milld vicinities, New Mills, Birch Vale, Hayfield, I have kept 1 or 2 long term cat sitting clients but with increase of traffic meant I no longer could cover such a wide area and still provide a quality service. 

I do a full on hour walk, the travel bit doesn’t not come into that, I have a lot of Whaley Bridge clients I do on the first morning walk, then depending on day on the second walk I have Chapel, Chinley and Whaley dogs so by the time I have done two lots of six dogs its nearly 2:30 and home time for me. For clients I do shorter walks if needed ‘toilet visits’ and I also do longer walks if requested which is basically a double walk, If I get any new enquiries its going to have to be 2 pm walk or any time on Friday which since we give up New Mills has been my quiet day. 

Peanut aside I took two cat sitting bookings, one is confirmed and in my diary waiting for lady to confirm the other, and we also heard and are going to meet puppy Ralph on Friday he starts his puppy visits week after next, he will eventually be another new dog walking client twice a day and another cockapoo in my life.

What am now focusing on with the business is to remain a local pet care  business that offers quality over quantity every time, I’m friends with lots of local dog walkers the ones I rate and also home boarding places as its not a service I can provide so networking is very important to me.   I am also focusing on doing dog nature walks making sure every walk I do is an hour plus, when I can I will always do longer especially in fabulous weather,  and just really looking after my clients humans and dogs, making sure I provide the best most personalised service I can, I offer discretion for cat sitting and dog walking when your not home,  I drive a unbranded white van so I can come and go unnoticed  and discreetly.

Little Happy Hounds pet  care services, dog walking, cat feeding, puppy visits High Peak.


fave photo from Monday 

Busy week just three days in

What a week, extra work on, toilet visits and extra walks for some of my dog walking clients and this weekend I am cat sitting Tin tin and Ole in Chapel-en-le-Frith, 

Today we did three one hour walks, with all temporary lights and road closures it took forever getting around I effectively drove my new work van from 9:30 to 4:30 just breaking too do the actual walks ! It was intense I am hoping praying Sheffield road is about too reopen and my life will be a lot easier, they have closed Sheffield road down and made hayfield road one way in Chapel, then they went onto close Green lane and Charley Lane in Chinley then they put a four way temporary light at the round about before Dove Holes, so ineffective the quickest way to Morrisons for example from sovereign way chapel is via Whaley Bridge, which is ridiculous. 

The dogs bless them have been great considering the extra travel time and new wheels. Feeling lucky feeling blessed. Seven years in I feel like we are starting fresh all over again with Little Happy Hounds, we have started to advertise again, various  things, posting on my blogs for one thing, we returned too tweeting from our tweeter feed, a client of mine put my advert up on her tree in her garden near bus stop,  I have signage on my new van for when I am parked up at home I take them off when I am driving around.  

The other fresh start is new wheels, so I have said before on countless posts,   no vans, no cages, I have also said no jumping and wriggling about in my car, which sadly a few of the new dogs are doing ( despite being harnessed in)  so they will be crated, I have had some size issues today with one of two the crates I ordered so I am unsure how I am working it just yet ; I do now have one large very secure crate in the van it will take two small dogs, plus the van came with fitted dog guard. When I said no vans I was put off at the size of them, the one dog whose access was awful his tight narrow busy lane has left the building, so my confidence in driving has gone up again I am just trying too be more careful when I am parking up so I don’t scratch and scrape new van ! Its not easy several blind spots for one thing ! The worst thing I have found this week is driving around Whaley Bridge, I was almost hit by a stage coach empty bus I couldn’t pull in for parked cars person in front emergency stopped and the bus well he just pushed his way down anyway even though he then had to emergency stop as my stationary car was stuck I had no were too move… 

So fresh new starts ! advertising, new van, and in general feeling very happy and enjoying walking the dogs, making sure they have the walk of their life every time ! my walks this week have been varied, been up Eccles Pike, Taxal and the Goyt Valley. 

Little Happy Hounds, dog walking, puppy visits, cat feeding, based in Chinley, we began life in 2012 when I was based in New Mills, we then moved to Whaley Bridge before finally settling for village life in the rather fabulous Chinley. I am a very small, very local, caring, experienced, reliable pet care business.  Fully insured, CRB checked, trusted key holder. 

The photos in this post are just a snap shot of some of todays dog walks, find us on Facebook Instagram too follow our adventures in full! I also have a main website for information on our services, reviews, contact details

Screenshot 2019-09-18_23-33-51-043

new beginnings

So a lot has happened in the last few weeks, we finally moved house, our new house, new lifestyle is more amazing than I ever could of imagined, the new house has so much character, we have amazing neighbours, the location is amazing we are now in a village the house is actually in the Peak District national park, we are not far from village centre but on a quiet lane, its just amazing, on top of all of that we have the fantasy garden we both always wanted, and all this is not just because we both work hard; its also karma, when your unhappy with your environment it attacks everything and its easy to get bogged down and fall apart at a the scenarios around you, but I kept strong, kept my faith that the universe would make it right for us, and lord and behold we are being rewarded in abundance, I wont go on as I am a big believer in keeping all the good things and what we have been through well and truly to myself, the proof is all around me in how much reward we are getting. 

After being rewarded I like to give back in abundance, so I have been doing selfless acts of kindness whenever I can, I have done several things this week for friends and also small businesses, as it feels good to be nice. 

So during the months of March April and May my little pet care business has taken a back burner, I was not happy with our living environment so my work environment suffered, I looked after my regulars, we took on two new doggies, and a cat but I turned down a lot of work,  a lot of work, some of it was not the right the fit the others I just did not have the energy, now I have a week off in our new home, getting sorted, I am feeling full of beans and I am raring to get back to work tomorrow. 

You can follow Little Happy Hounds, and Little Happy cats adventures on youtube, twitter, Instagram and we have two Facebook pages, I am now running two more Instagram pages, the life of scraps , my dogs new Instagram, a a village life, which is my personal journey into a new chapter of my life, living in a village living in the countryside, there is going to be a lot of walking, cooking and gardening posts on that one. Pics below is our new home, we have gone from detached, modern 1970s house, double drive, garage massive kitchen, to a stone terraced house, with a massive terrace garden, its got really tall ceilings, and so much space, the garden is flanked by a field on two sides, so its peaceful and quiet, very happy times lie a head. 


Come in August Little Happy Hounds, will be seven years old, I started my business from scratch, in New Mills, taking whatever work I could get, from little acorns become strong oak trees, in 2014 we moved to Whaley Bridge, and centralised, stopped covering Stockport, Marple Strines, Disley etc. At the back end of 2018 I stopped covering New Mills, with traffic increase on A6 I had more than enough work in Whaley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth and Chinley, with so many other dog walkers in New Mills, it seemed silly business wise to keep the few clients I had still in and around New Mills, this decision was not easy as the clients I had had been with me since the ver beginning and I had strong emotional attachments, however I am running a business a one man show and I need to preserve my energy and not getting stressed and for me that means less driving, so half way into 2019 my work life balance is finally amazing, for cat sitting, puppy visits, dog walking we cover Chinley were I am now located, we also cover Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, and Buxworth High Peak.  I walk in small groups mostly off lead, my walks include, Combs, Goyt Valley , Fernilee , Taxal Edge, my ethos since day one is to offer a off the beaten track kind of walk, to walk in small groups, and take the dogs on proper nature walks. In the beginning I was walking in Brabyns Park with my only client Lucy watching the other dog walkers, taking out 8 dogs at a time, keeping them on leads and messing about on their phones, I took all this in and decided I did not want to walk in busy crowded parks, didn’t want to take that many dogs out at once, and I have stuck to my guns, seven years in, as a dog walker I offer a very caring, personalised service, I have very close bonds with all my dogs.

new kitties returning kitties for October.

So little happy cats is going from strength to strength October has been great lots of returning clients and lots of new cat sitting clients. As a pet sitter I offer, care , experience, and reliability ! We have cat clients in Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, High Peak Derbyshire. We offer a personalised, pet sitting service, litter trays maintained, changed, feeding, indoor and outdoor cats. 

Screenshot 2018-08-21_19-47-50


Pictures below are just some of our clients for October, last week we took on new kitty cats Milly and Queenie, find us on Facebook to main website 

Other services include puppy visits, dog walking.



the first working week of 2018

So we have not blogged on here for ages, I have been focusing my energy on my website which has a blog, this blog on here is easy too use, plus I can share these posts on social media much easier ! So lots happening in the New Year for Little Happy Hounds 2018, we have had quite a few new enquiries especially for dog walking. I have only been back to work for a week now, having taken two weeks off for Christmas and New Year. We had a family holiday in Northumberland over New Year dog friendly of course so my batteries are fully charged after a amazing break.

So last week was awesome, had so many nice dog walks, all my clients were a pleasure too walk, and we met lots of nice people on some of our walks, walking the Derbyshire countryside. I have finally finalised my holiday plans this weekend for 2018 so I am now taking cat sitting bookings for the 2018, I have quite a few cats booked in starting from the end of January our cat feeding services looks set too be another busy year for Little Happy Cats again. 

My dog friendly Walks this week have been snake path Hayfield, up to the shooting cabin Kinder Scout, We done walks close too my house in Whaley Bridge around Taxal, each morning last week with our first walk, and on our last walks I have been too Toddbrook Reservoir with our last clients, this week I have dog walked clients in Whaley Bridge,Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, New Mills and Birch Vale. As ever as we move forward into the New Year as a small local pet sitting and dog walking business, our emphasis is on dog nature walks, as a dog walker we go off leads, off the beaten track taken our dogs too interesting places, the one hour walk does not start till we get too the location and get out of the car, on quiet days I will walk for even longer, as I know it makes my dogs happy hounds. The pictures in this post are a small selection of the walks we have done this last week find us on Facebook for the full picture.  We cover Chapel Milton, Chinley, Buxworth, Whaley Bridge, Hayfield Furness Vale High Peak


Little Happy Hounds est.2012.

So with August just around the corner, and with the new month comes our birthday Little Happy Hounds, has been in operation for five years. It took ages to get established, I had clients in Woodly, Reddish and all sorts, at one point I use to make £40.00 a week, and spend £20.00 on fuel, however being steely determined and having a understandable partner has helped.
It was not until 2013 that things turned around for myself, we took several puppies on that year and most of whom are still with us as dog walking clients. So as we move forward I am very much wanting to  stick with my original formula, too keep little happy hounds, a very small, very local business, with our emphasis on dog ‘nature’ walks, getting out in the countryside, off the beaten track with my clients, keeping walking groups small, and allowing maximum time off leads.
I have cared for pet sitting clients, mostly cats, from the beginning, it wasn’t until a few years back, I started too focus my energies on gaining more pet sitting clients, primarily cats, why ? As I love cats and I love caring for cats, I enjoy the varied work, and I am doing something right as Little Happy Cats is doing very well, lots of returning, regular pet sitting clients. With my cat work, I want to remain competitively priced, I don’t want to charge extra for weekends, it is weekend work primarily, I am also focusing all my energies on providing the most personalised service I can, I get to know my kitty cat clients, cats that want too play I will play with, cats that want space , ill keep my eye on them but give them space, elderly cats that need medication, happy to follow instructions, I am insured and experienced to do that, in terms of time scale, if cat needs longer I will be there till the work is done, if the cats are now where to be seen, I will do what needs to be done and then go, the morning appointments tend to be a bit quicker, the pm ones I tend to spend longer as its after dog walking duties,  I think the quickest cat visits times can be 15 minutes, longest I have recently done one was about half an hour, as some fresh flowers came, and i had to contact owner, open parcel, effectively saving the flowers, find scissors, a vase, arrange the flowers, on top of feeding the cat, thats my M&S training for you, I am always looking to go that extra mile for all my clients.  

Established in 2012, Little Happy Hounds, has been in operation for almost five years. We walk in small groups, mostly off lead, and like to take our clients ‘off the beaten track’ for a dog ‘nature walk. We began the business in New Mills, and have since moved to Whaley Bridge, we also cover Buxton, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, High Peak. Other services include, puppy visits, our cat feeding services Little Happy Cats.

We are a small, caring, local pet care business, we have no employees, we do not drive branded company vans or use cages to transport our clients. All your dealings and all the care of your pets will be done by myself, ensuring the maximum care and personalised service we can offer.

For more information visit the website or call Aaron 07732265149

Pepper Kitty.

So this week we are looking after Pepper kitty from today, i was gutted she was not in, i can usually call her from the garden and she appears, but nope not today… hopefully i will see her tomorrow,

Pepper is a the sweetest girl ever. I started looking after her when she was quite a young a kitten even back in 2015. I have tried playing with her with a piece of string but she just wants strokes and sometimes i even pick her up for a hug and she seems too like that, another part of her personality is she is a hungry girl. The pics above are from the last time i looked after her,  a few months back, as you can see she is a major kitty babe. Little Happy Cats, cat care, cat sitting, pet sitting, pet care services. We also offer dog walking, puppy visits, and doggy daycare. As dog walker, we walk all dogs, of all breeds, sizes and ages, we do however specialise in the smaller doggies, over the years I have walked shih tzu, cavapoo, cockapoo chihuahua, yorkie, jack rustle,

We cover Whaley Bridge, were we are based, New Mills, Hayfield, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire High Peak.


happy walks happy hounds.

We offer professional, caring, established pet care services, dog nature walks, cat feeding, fully insured, years of experience, we first began life in New Mills in 2012, we are now based in Whaley Bridge. We walk in small groups, off leads, we don’t have employees, vans or cages, all the work is done by myself, with the help of my 8 year old yorkie cross Scrappy. I offer a very caring, very personalised service. Visit our main website for more information and for customer reviews.


Little Happy Hounds and Little Happy cats. Offering , personalised, experienced pet care services High Peak. Cat sitting, dog walker, pet sitting, dog walking services. New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Furness Vale, Hayfield, Chinley, Buxton.